Anti-Americanisms Deep Roots

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. As in the past? When did the Mayflower land?
  2. Let's just face it, the world doesnt like septics..... in fact, unless one is a 'native' american, holding a US passport indicates either you or someone in you gene pool background faild selection in their own country! The sooner Canada and Mexico invade and devide the spoils between them the better!!! :D
  3. Given the tone of the WLQ on this board maybe the Scots,Northern Irish and Welsh might be advised to apply to be the something or other state of the Union. I never liked Americans until I went on holiday there they were so polite.Might be false but it sounded good I think they mean well pity George Bush thinks he's a cross between John Wayne and Rambo
  4. Frankly, if I were the USA I'd just ignore the rest of the world. Whatever the US tries to do, or doesn't try to do, all it gets is a load of criticsim and abuse from countries which hardly have spotless records themselves. The US should do whatever it deems to be in its own interests and to hell with the whingers.
  5. Quite right, but just do it to themselves within their own borders!!! :lol:
  6. Yes, anti-Americanism exists. But what are the causes? Maybe US is a victim of misunderstanding? Maybe American policy is right but too few understand it?

    And there is a clear distictions between American people and American policy. Compare: many hated Soviet Union but attitude to Russian was not so bad.

    Another interesting question: do the Americans wish to exterminate anti-Americanism? Likely yes (but maybe no?). If yes then by what means?
  7. It seems the title "Leader of the Free World" may well carry some less pleseant responsibilities. As the columnist himself acknowledges SOME (not all) of the points had a degree of merit. I agree their is a lot of unwarranted and unfair anti-americanism however you cant lead the gang without taking the consequences.

    If you can't live with the approbation you may have to do without the adulation...
  8. If you are the only remaining Superpower then your going to get it from every wannabee the world generates.
    I am not anti American, tho as I have said before The US has much to answer for.
    Just as the Old British Empire had in its day, now thankfully long gone.
    The US problem today does not stem from the US citizen but the puppetmasters who operate/control King George II.
    The faceless nameless ones who do all from the background.
    An Appeal to The Flag after the most ammazing Attack in world history generated the groundswell for what is now happening.
    Ganistan was understanable, not finishing The Taliban was baffleing.
    Iraq, Why ? How many excuses have been offered and demolished. So many, but the Administration will still not say why.
    Answer that question and much will be revealed.
  9. Errm, isn't that already the case? Actually, I believe a good bit of the complaints are about just those views and actions.
  10. Whatever happens there, I just wish they'd keep it within their own borders. Nothing against Yanks in general.
  11. My view is that the US (the nation, not the individuals... well, not all of them) is acting like the world's bratty teenager: barging around the place, swaggering, boasting (Trip_Wire: if the hat fits...), loud etc. And plenty of us have been like this, me included. Often like the horrible kid in school who has too much money, wears designer clothes and brags about it so that everyone just wants to floor them.

    Whereas the UK is having a midlife crisis (male, naturally): suddenly questioning its identity, one minute acting like a teenager, the next feeling tired and washed up. Sometimes mature, other times not remembering to learn from its past mistakes. Flirting with the teenager (US), on the other hand agreeing with its peers (Europe). Trying to show off and sometimes making a fool of itself. We were sure of our identity... then the menopause hit.

    I still think of them as distant cousins though. Bloody annoying and often arrogant, sometimes extremely sweet, a little naive and frequently unworldly (although they insist they're not)... however the ones that I know have hearts of gold.

    We shouldn't be surprised at the religious fundamentalism - look at the Mayflower bunch.

    They're empire-building but don't quite get the fact that they'll be hated for it. We've been there, done that and understood that once you've had your fun, you need to bow out as gracefully as you can manage... hence the Commonwealth which is larger than the old empire. And I don't think we celebrate our Commonwealth enough; I'd far rather we strengthened our links to that than to the EU.

  12. Let me stick up for the values of the British empire if not for the empire. I don't favor empires. The values that the British left in the wake of its empire where by and large positive western values. Democratic values . Most of The places in the world that were occupied by the British have done fairly well in the modern world. Canada, the US, Australia, Hong Kong , Singapore , India , Malaysia , and Kenya have done comparative well. They were all left with democratic systems and economic systems that function better then those left by the other European empires.
    The British didn't do all that bad a job compared to other empires both European and indigenous.
  13. Neo_Con, that's very generous of you, thanks.

    I've heard so many times from Americans, "You're just pissed cos you lost your empire" but they're wrong. The Commonwealth is a voluntary setup and spans a third of the globe. In my books, that must mean we did something right. And yet we still have a section of society here that believes we should feel guilt about it. I don't. We did some shocking things when we were building the empire but many of those countries have emerged healthier for it. One or two exceptions, obviously, and Zimbabwe springs to mind instantly.

    I really do feel a stronger alliance to Commonwealth nations than I do to anything European. And Spain is my second home: I lived there for 10 years and my parents have been there for 26.

    Apologies for going off topic.
  14. I agree with sawdusty, the US is seen more and more as an imperialist power. If they want to do something, they do it. If they want something stopped, they find a way. If they dont want to do something, well they just dont do it and most likely ignore it. I like the americans, they are mostly polite, helpful and generally nice.