Anti-Americanism in the UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. Post-imperial penis envy

  2. US foriegn policies

  3. US cultural domination e.g. fast food, Hollywood movies

  4. Behaviour of Americans in general

  5. Leftist dislike of US capitalism

  1. This article caused a long thread on the Grauniad talkboard:

    I wonder what the causes are? Obviously round here on arrse it's mainly down to post-imperial penis envy, and not just from the Brits (that means you, Sergey and Frenchperson :p ), but are there other factors at work?
  2. US foriegn policies
  3. Oh god! Yet another thread to feed the troll known as Dogface...
  4. Agree.
  5. I'd opt for the second point and the last (even though I know I can't do that!)
  6. There must be more to it than just foriegn policies. After all, Russia and China don't exactly have cuddly bunny-wabbit foriegn policies, but I sense no great amount of Sino or Russo-phobia in the UK.
  7. To narrow it down is quite difficult, there are so many things to can pick up on. I have a few american friends, lived with one and did a few weeks with the US army and some of them really are the nicest people you could meet - intelligent, articulate and caring.

    So I would never have a go at someone for being american before I get up on my pedestal and judge them as a person :)

    Yet the way Americans act over here can be nauseating. We're generally quieter than our American cousins. American tourists are stereotyped as loud, ignorant, brash and in a competition to see who has the biggest camera (whilst japs compete for the smallest). All I can say to that is think of how Brits act as tourists in Spain etc, it's sickening.

    Foreign policy - Leaves a lot to be desired. Often ignorant and arrogant. They think their version of life works best and wants to impose it on everyone else. Sometimes it's quite noble and sweet, othertimes it's cringeworthy.

    Post imperialism - This gets up my nose. They came out of WWII twice as rich as they went in. We only recently finished paying off lend lease (last year I think). They used our huge financial debt to change the international currency to the dollar and force a far faster withdrawal from the empire, formenting problems in countries such as vietnam (french), india/pakistan and Zimbabwe/Rhodesia. Most people know the horrors that have gone on in those countries since. The worst part to me though is the hypocritical nature. The suez canal crisis they critised France and the UK for was almost identical to the situation in panama 35 years later, a fact which escapes the americans.

    Finally on arrse there is the occasional yank who's comments are best ignored.

    Oh and burn all americans on sight :twisted:
  8. Very few British people I would say actively dislike Americans. Banter yes , genuine dislike , no.

    The administration however, is a different matter.
  9. Agreed, PTP, but the 'banter' element is often one-sided - us Brits often have a complete sense of humour faliure when the Spams have a go back.
  11. Wy wife had a (fat) American friend and 2 kids who visited from Germany, they went to london for a weekend. a couple of the comments the yank made;

    Whilst visiting the Tower of London: "I'm not walking up those stairs, why haven't they fitted a lift?....

    Visiting the Old Vic theatre: "Its too hot in here, don't they have air conditioning?... (She also sang along to all the songs during the my fair lady wife wanted to curl up and die)

    They stayed a week and drank nothing except coke, eat nothing except fast food and the minging cow had one shower all f*cking week.

    Its hard not to sterotype yanks when the ones you meet are so steriotypical.

    Having said that I voted foreign policy, all nations foreign policies are self centred but the septics seem to ignore, or be ignorant of, other national views and opinions.
  12. Sure but you hold your brother to a higher standard than some distant cousin.

  13. Quite, you've summed it up far better than I could have. My main point was that 60 years on we were still paying for WWII as well as our huge loss through our technological inventions and expertise in post war years. Out of a platoon of 43 potential 2lt yanks not a single one was aware of lend-lease. Yet of course americans are out best friends.

    A point about humour as been made. You've got a point, we do see ourselves as better than the yanks, but our taking of the urine is not understood by most (most, not all) americans, where their humour hasn't even advanced to sarcasm yet. (friends vs monty python/not the nine o clock news). There is a general banter in both directions (we have strange accents, bad teeth and it always rains) but anyone who truely hates any american deserves to have their head seeing to. Remember less than 50% of them actually voted for bush!!
  14. crabby, the point is we see ourselves as better than them with no real reason for doing so, and when they point this out duirng one of the bits of 'banter', we spit out our dummies. I've seen it many times, no doubt you have too.

    It's not sarcasm the Spams don't get, it's cynicism. I'll see your Monty Python (interesting that the UK progs you mention are 20+ yrs old) and raise you Sienfeld, The Simpsons, Scrubs, Larry Sanders....
  15. The Simpsons is ok, as for the others though.....

    I've taken the piss out of yanks (not literally :) ) loads of times. "Hey mate, I like those yellow and green check trousers you're wearing"
    "Do you? Thanks!"