Anthrax Waivers

From today's Daily Torygraph:

Troops urged to sign anthrax waiver
By Michael Smith, Defence Correspondent
(Filed: 24/01/2003)

A number of servicemen and women from the Army and the RAF who are going to the Gulf have turned down the possibility of anthrax inoculations after being told they must sign waivers.

In a letter to The Telegraph today, the wife of a member of the RAF says her husband was told that, if he had any inoculations, including the anthrax vaccine, he must sign a form promising not to sue the Ministry of Defence if he fell ill as a result.

He and his colleagues had been told before Christmas that they were likely to go to the Gulf, she said. "He was offered various inoculations including one for anthrax. He was told that, if he wanted to have these jabs, he had to sign a disclaimer saying he couldn't claim any compensation.

"He was furious and we spent a long evening discussing the pros and cons. He decided that he wouldn't have the jabs."

The National Gulf Veterans' and Families' Association said earlier this week it had received a call from a female member of 16 Air Assault Brigade who had been asked to sign a waiver.

The MoD said it was "categorically not our policy to make anyone receiving the inoculations sign a waiver".


It's back to the bullsh1t of the MOD 'asking' you to sign waivers under no pressure other than if you don't it 'may affect you posting/career'
'may affect you posting/career'

How in the world do they expect to get away with that illegal legal bullsh1t? :eek: ???

Any want to but some options on autobiographical accounts of GW2? ;D ???
Hmmmmmm maybe some titles can be suggested?


???the signing of waivers is not bolloxs a certain 16AA arty regt has made it part of their mccp procdure if you have not received it or dont want it you have to sign on your chit and then wait out for you BC to have a chat about why your not doing it. after the presentation on the jabs a form had to be filled out stating wether you wanted it or not stating that you were volentry on taking the jab and did so at your own risk


the Boss said, Moo Moo Moooo,  Moo Mooo Moo Moooo so I replied Mooo Moooo Mooo Moo Moo.  He said Mooo Moooo Moo Moo Moooo Mooo Moo Moooo, I thought bollox to signing that I'm not mad you know.  Mooooooooooooo!!!! :eek:
:-/My regiment has gone through the system of jabs and briefs, some of the lads did sign the waivers but it was not a mandatory thing. Signing was through choice as was the jab... I never had the Jab and i signed nothing.

but i know that some people  in the med centre signed for malaria pills and the anthrax was mentioned on the form. though what was written i dont know. ???
all very dodgy like the last time..
DCCS   08/2003

D/DGCC/18/2/1/3      03/02/03

DCCS Internal Communication Brief

Issue –      Vaccines and Waivers
Timing –      Immediate
Audience –            Service and Civilian Personnel as appropriate
Released by –      Directorate of Corporate Communication Services Contact:  Greg Hicks, 86717MB

Commanding Officers, Line Managers and Heads of Establishments are requested to make the following information available to personnel as appropriate.  Background information on the voluntary immunisation programme against anthrax can be found on the Internet at  The DMSD help line for the voluntary immunisation programme against anthrax is 020 7807-8696.

Vaccines and Waivers

Recent reporting in the media has suggested that Service personnel have to sign a legal waiver if they refuse (or in some versions, accept) vaccines.

This is not the case.

There is no requirement for Service personnel included in any vaccination programme to sign any waivers or disclaimers, whether they accept the vaccinations or not.

Personnel may be asked to confirm that they have received the necessary briefings, and units may, if required, maintain administrative records of which personnel have received the necessary briefings, need to be re-offered vaccines, or receive boosters, so that the continuity of immunisation programmes can be maintained.

However, none of these records constitutes a legal waiver or disclaimer, and none supplant the MoD’s responsibilities in respect of the health and safety of Service personnel.


War Hero
After GW1 there is bound to be concern about the Anthrax jab which is entirely understandable, and this concern is compounded by rumour and hearsay evidence.

There have been units who have not had briefings from properly qualified personnel. All I would say is, ensure your questions are answered by those who are qualified to answer them, and then make your decision.

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