Anthrax Vaccine?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by screwloose86, Feb 22, 2011.

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  1. Hi im a TA soldier going on herrick 15 and i just got offered an anthrax vaccine. i was told there was side effects but no one could tell me what they were. Anyone had any good/bad experiences with this?
  2. Anthrax jabs for HERRICK? First post, asking about side effects, journo per chance?

    In answer to your question, I had Anthrax jabs a few years ago and aside from the obvious effects from having big needles stuck into your upper arm and feeling a bit dodgy (feverish) for a day or so after having the first one, no long term ill effects. I know plenty of people who have fathered healthy kids after having it as well (for some reason this seems to be a common concern). I forget how many injections you have in a course, but I remember it seemed a lot at the time.

    Now, NAPS on the other hand...
  3. Anthrax | Doctor | Patient UK
    Anthrax may be rare in the UK except in drug users but cutting heroin can be the reason for the risk. Fertilisers such as blood and bone meal used on crops can be a huge risk. Read the link but remember that is about the UK. I'd not want to get Anthrax, reckon it'd really upset my day.
  4. Thanks for that. Not a journalist. PSIs all had their jabs for desert storm so they told me that their experiences would be irrelevant. other guys in my unit whove been have all said no to the jabs. im just about to finish a degree aswell so i dont wanna be well sick for my last months.
  5. My bold. Desert Storm was the American Op, we were on Op Granby. For Granby, we were jabbed with a vaccine that had not been used in the wider community (ie farmers), probably designed to counter weaponised anthrax. I had an adverse reaction, in the form of a 24 hour fever, but no other problems since.

    I believe the vaccine used for Herrick deployments is the same as that given to farmers in the UK. Personally, I would still have it.

  6. I had mine for above flu like symptoms and a sore dramas.
  7. Also had my first on Op Granby and then in 2006 while going through the medical at Fort Bliss, Texas for a civvie contract in Iraq they saw my vaccination card and suggested I have a follow up, as it had been 15 years with no real obvious side effects, like you Shiny I accepted it (forgot how bloody painful it was and how shit you feel for the rest of the day!), it was the other one that most of us were confused about - The Black Death/Plague one?! at Fort Bliss I had the smallpox arrangement for the first time, they prick your skin about 15 times and then it scabs up over the next few days, touch that and then rub your eyes and you'll be in a whole world of pain!

    I haven't heard of any of the lads from my Unit in the Gulf who had any dramas due to the Anthrax/Plague vaccines and taking Naps for several weeks., I think they might have used the same ingredients from the NAPS tablets as they use in Viagra!
  8. What I'm more concerned about here is not the side effects which may or may not be attributed to this vaccine but the fact that if its needed before deployment on HERRICK then why haven't I been given it having just smashed a 7mnth tour.........something I don't know about obviously.........typical oalways the last to know.
  9. Thanks very much guys. wasnt given that much time to decide ("ill call you in the morning") so i tried to get as much opinion as possible. got in touch with a buddy in theatre who said it might be advisable especially if your ditch surfing. im gonna take the jabs and hope my arm doesnt fall off. sorry to offend anyone calling op granby desert storm. i was 4 at the time and ive not heard much about it since joining
  10. One last tip - when I had it (Telic before it had a number) there were 4 injections over a period of months. I missed the last one then, and when asking about it before the next trip was told I would have to do all 4 again... so make sure you get them all!
  11. yip I fell foul of that one as well.......
  12. Anthrax has just been offered to me for my next Herrick. A bit of googling tells me it is part of the VIP (Voluntary Immunisation Program) following fears of Gulf War Syndrome. What that means is unlike many other immunisations it isn't compulsory despite as far as I can tell there is no direct link between the two but GWS is a result of the cocktail of drugs and pesticides troops were exposed to and add a dash of spent DU dust to the mix.

    I've decided to have the course which is 4 jabs.

    First Injection: First week
    Second Injection: 3 weeks after first injection
    Third Injection: 3 weeks after second injection
    Fourth Injection: 6 months after third injection

    More info here HPA - Anthrax Vaccine and of course google.

    It's being offered due to the possibility Anthrax in the soil which could be a cutaneous threat or following an explosion pulmonary.
  13. Anthrax is naturally endemic in Afghanistan. The cutaneous (skin) variety is normally only encountered by close contact with livestock, and especially leatherworking with raw hides.
    The (really deadly) pulmonary (lung) version is caused by inhaling the spores. Outbreaks are rare, but recording is poor, so it might be under-reported.
    AQ was attempting to weaponise it when the world came in after them after 9/11- some traces were found in captured laboratories.
  14. Had mine prior to deploying to Iraq in 2003 (Telic 01) , made my arm a bit sore and gave me flu like symptoms for a couple of days, it is a course of jabs and had my last one ironically the day following the "war fighting" phase officially ended!!

    Also deployed to the falklands 1990-1991 for 6 months and worked/patrolled alongside New Zealand sheep sheering dudes who had all had it too so no problems that I can see


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