Anthrax Vaccination: Poll and side-effects?!

Had mine (part 1 of 4) today!  

Two hours in and I'm already feeling like shít!  Will update when/if symptoms get worse!

As I understand it, different people have different reactions to the vaccine. So, what's your story?.....


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Lots of jocks in germany have spent copious amounts of time vomiting post jabs. (though unsure if that is due to normal levels of alchohol abuse or from the Jabs!!)


Uh Oh!

Methinks we are heading for another round of misinformed scaremongering. (See TA board 'Anthrax Ripple')

Yes - I've had the jab.  Three in fact.  As have many of my colleagues. All medical based, all well read, all quite willingly.

Yes - some had side-effects, in just the proportion and severity expected. I happened to have nothing more than a slight lump over the site and a small rash around the site on my 2nd jab (goes to show my immune system works. hurrah)

One of my colleagues WAS quite poorly with a temperature and shivers etc - the 'flulike' symptoms that can be expected from most routine jabs (eg typhoid, hep B etc)

Throwing up - NOT likely to be caused from the jab. If absolutely no other reason then the Med Cen should be made aware of it....  Usually, however, associated with alcohol. :-[

By the way - the vaccine hasn't been hastily produced in a cauldron and tested on unsuspecting Pioneers.  It is a fully licensed UK product, approved by the Medicines Control Agency and has been used in certain industries (eg tanning/leather - high anthrax risk) for at least 20yrs, if not 30yrs.

It is NOT a live vaccine - people are not being injected with the bug itself, but a fraction that will stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies (ie the things that fight the bug if it enters the body).

And - believe it or not - the immunization programme is not designed as a huge conspiracy against British Troops.  Funnily enough UK plc is quite keen to keep it's forces fit and well although I can already hear the screams of derision and scorn!!!! ;D

I guess that that is more than enough for now but I look fwd to hearing lots more tales of woe, piles of cynicism, media-type hype and inaccuracies. As they say "Never let the truth get in the way..............." ;)
Absolutely right Jezebel.
This is a path that we should not go down.  Having started the programme myself I am well aware of the worries that the uninformed have.  That said, we (as an Army) have shot ourselves in the foot over this one by making such a big deal out of it.  What is the problem? It is just another vaccination.  Noone freaks about tetanus / polio / TB, so why Anthrax?  All of this arrse about 'must see the video / disclaimers' etc is hyping it into something it isn't.

As I have said before on previous threads, it's far better than the alternative which is to die dry-drowning in agony.  We would all wear body armour / helmets to protect ourselves against shell fragments wouldn't we?  It's good to be behind hard cover in the event of a bombardment, hence we construct trenches properly.  It's therefore just another means of protection to maintain our combat effectiveness.  

Let's get on with it.  Should the day come, and heaven forbid that maddass presses the button, we'll all be an awful lot better for it.  It is irresponsible not to take the jab.  You'd be jacking on your mates, the ones you'd expect to watch your back, and unneccessarrily overloading, what will probably be a stretched, medical chain, who may have to be dealing with real casualties, not ignorance-induced SIWs.  Wake up, get jabbed, and don't listen to the blokes who think they know.  Listen to the doctor.  Oh, and if you are a girl it wont stop you having babies (an excuse I managed to dispel with the help of the Doc).  Death by Anthrax will however preclude giving birth.

Rant over.  Sorry.


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Dear All,

Am not advocating that you do not take the jabs - I would if i were in the position to be offered them (which thank christ i'm not).

If you read my previous post carefully

"Lots of jocks in germany have spent copious amounts of time vomiting post jabs. (though unsure if that is due to normal levels of alchohol abuse or from the Jabs!!)"

you will see that i mention vomiting after drinking booze - one of the many activities that the jocks love deeply.  

Also as i'm sure you are aware drinking + jabs such as anthrax, flu, MMR etc can and does cause people to throw up.

So before you start throwing teddies and bemoaning scaremongering, read the posts carefully and try to take a wider perspective on some of them :mad:


Sorry L_G, just a wee bit sensitive at the moment - it happens to be a subject close to my heart.  I guess I was trying to pre-empt all the drivel I have heard over the past few months.

I am fortunate to work with people that DO take a wide perspective on things - but have also met HUGE numbers of people who would take an inoffensive comments such as............

"Lots of jocks in germany have spent copious amounts of time vomiting post jabs. (though unsure if that is due to normal levels of alchohol abuse or from the Jabs!!)"

and convert it into a unequivocable (?sp) reason why they shouldnt have the jab. (Ignoring any links with alcohol) Believe me - I've heard it all and I wanted to nip it in the bud before the inevitable tosh started being posted. :-/

I agree with Dogmonkey - the whole thing has been marketed extremely badly and the expression 'mountain out of a molehill' springs to mind. It's just another jab. Simple as that.

Can I just ask anyone who has concerns or who doesn't want the jab to make sure that they discuss the issue with suitably qualified professionals - which include, amongst others, MOs, nurses and pharmacists.

Ah well. I reckon I should climb down and go and retrieve my teddies - ready for the next tantrum! :-*

A day in, and I'm fine again - just a minor flu-like thang!

I've never had any problem with getting it.

If I recall correctly, it's been used since 1956 and I'm sure that if there were any bad side-effe........



Please remember that if you have died as a result of the Anthrax jab it is you are bound to inform the Med Cen of your early demise!

Had mine in 91 along with a load of other nasties. Felt sh1t for a day and then got over it. No real immediate side effects apart from the urge to visit remote Scottish islands and eat grass.

As for NAPS, that’s no problem. The chemical name is PYRIDOSTIGMINE BROMIDE and quote

"In 1999, the RAND Corporation released a report indicating pyridostigmine bromide could not be ruled out as a contributor to the development of some Gulf War veterans' unexplained or undiagnosed illnesses. Secondly, the study also noted that uncertainties remain about the effectiveness of pyridostigmine bromide in protecting humans against chemical warfare agents."

Apart from the heart palpitations, the violent mood swings, the muscle twitching, the birth defects, the violent mood swings (did I fcuking mention that, do you want a fight?), the early demise of joints (which is what I was MD'd for, with a nice pay off as long as I didn't "blame the Army"), the lethargy and the ability to ignore the following statement

"I'm sorry, his medical records were lost in transit"

Then, everything else is OK.

Demand a "receipt" for your jabs. I, and many others, had them, took NAPS and, surprise, surprise, when we became civvies, could not get hold of our "lost" mil medical records.

My current medical records start in 1996; I’m beginning to look a bit dated for a 6 year old. ;), besides that, it makes me younger than my oldest son ;D

They were  "lost in transit", wonder why?

No conspiracy, just a suggestion.

Hope that some of the Red Collars are listening, then they’ll realise that they can only shut us up until we leave.

I will be driving that tank through Whitehall ;D

Apologies to anyone I upset, except to you B Liar if you are reading, you're a cnut, stop testing sheep vaccines on the troops and stop following Tw*t boy around like a sheep dog. (Testing on the TA is OK though, they aren't clever enough to realise it)
Yep, all this PC kak is pis#ing me off too...  It is totally stressing me out trying to decide what the hell to do with the latest ton of stress information posters and sexual  harassment/bullying pamphlets that were dumped on my desk last week.  Things are going mad...  


Although they were actually quite useful for twa#ing the lesbians over the head with when they refused to go for the jab :)

Yeah, obviously I didn't mean that.....
I have no problems with an anthrax vaccination, which is just like any other.

I am a bit concerned about NAPS.  What is it? How does it work? The rumours I have heard sound awfully dodgy.  

Something, probably a combination of things caused GW syndrome.  I for one will be avoiding DU rounds and organo-phosphate pesticides like the plague.  

What is the medical opinion?  (And i don't mean the RAMC opinion, which isn't worth 2 brufen and a tubigrip.)


I think its a prostigmine based tablet, but I am sure our NBC Instr dullards can expand or deny this. I took them in 1990-91 and they did me no harm! One thing, more of my mates who were in the Gulf have committed suicide than those who did not go, is that significant?

The BAPS are just an antibiotic profalaxsis. I was told by an ex Porton Down SMO, have the anthrax jab as they can cure the rest but cant cure the Anthrax!


Pyridostigmine is another UK licensed drug (Mestinon) which is used in the NHS to treat a nervous system condition called Myaesthenia Gravis (MG).  MG causes the patient to lose their ability to move muscles etc (often ending up in Intensive Care) due to a breakdown in the ability to pass messages down the nerves, because there is a imbalance in the level of 'transmitter chemical'. Pyrido-S works by trying to correct the balance.  
Taking that a step further - nerve agents affect transmission in a kind of similar way. Pyrido-S would, again, improve the ability of the body to transmit messages.........

Side effects:  mild nausea and vomiting, increased saliva production, and tummy cramps.  These s-e lkely to get worse as higher doses are used.  Overdose, as with most drugs, not a vg idea as the s-e can get quite serious.

B_S: Hope that is worth more than 2 Brufen and a tubigrip? I do have some info on DU and organophosphates too but methinks you would just choose to ignore it!!! And please don't make jokes about avoiding the plague................... ;D

Anthrax: Can treat skin version quite effectively (funnily enough with antibiotics very similar to those in BAPS!) But the 'pulmonary' version (ie the type you get when the bug hits the lungs) has a hugely high mortality rate, somewhere in the high 90%s,  once the symptoms start to show. If you can catch it early there is a better treatment rate (sorry, no figures).  


Had my Jab on Thursday, today (Saturday) my arm feel's like I have had the mother of all dead arms.  ;) Felt so sore couldnt go shopping (Bonus).
Had mine Wednesday, got knocked off for christmas leave and spent Thu/Fri in bed feeling cr#p watching DVDs and eating ding meals.  Well I'm a singly so I can :)


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OK, numpty question time - this vaccine works fine against the typue of anthrax that tanners, etc., can get.  No probs with that, and it's safe, as it's been in use for years.

Question - DOES IT WORK against pulmonary anthrax?  If so, where are test results?  If not, what's the point in having it (unless you intend to get very close to animal skin :p) for a living).


Had the jab.  Regt told everyone to not drink and gave them an automatic 'light duties' chit for seven days afterwards.  Apparently that was just to protect the med centre from being deluged by people complaining that they had a sore arm... which was to be expected.

I kept drinking, and kept going to the gym daily and had no problems.  Some people did feel a bit off colour, but nothing more serious than mild flu symptoms.

Jezebel - thank you for the information about Pyridostigmine.  As a self-confessed spotter I had done lots of research about the Anthrax jab - on the internet, getting a bukshee copy of the RAMC Medical Counter Measures info & CDROM, etc., so that I could:

a. Be happy getting it myself.
b. Strongly recommend it to all my soldiers.

...but I hadn't heard anything other than scaremongering about NAPS until your post.  Do you reckon there will be any official information provided?  I ask because we've been warned off for hotter climes, and I can quite envisage getting there and then being told to take it - without supporting information - which won't inspire confidence in me, let alone in the lads...


The type of anthrax - skin or pulmonary - is the same bug.  It's just that in some cases it enters the body through skin and in others it is inhaled into lungs. I believe (correct me if I am wrong, anyone) that it is due to the way it is 'delivered' and the size of the particles (eg, if too big/heavy, wont reach the lungs).  There is also a concentration factor too.

Therefore, the vaccine is effective against both 'types' of anthrax as both caused by the same organism. It is just the route of infection that changes. Skin is easier to detect more quickly as the lesions can be seen, pulmonary (lung) lesions are obviously not visible - and diagnosis depends on other signs.

And to clarify why 'at risk' forces might like to have the jab - in a tannery the workers are dealing with carcasses that may 'shed' the organisms - likely to just be a localised risk - only a small chance of high concentrations reaching the lungs. A crop sprayer, however, can distribute relatively high concentrations in the air which have much greater chance of being breathed in......

As for NAPS - let me get back to my desk and I will do some scurrying around for more info- don't want to say anything without checking my facts first!

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