Anthrax Ripple anyone?


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Quote from Hansard, Thursday 13 June 02 - the question was about Anthrax immunisation.  Geoff Hoon replied, at length, and part of his reply:-

"We have decided to expand the immunisation programme so that all Service personnel, including reserves, and those essential civilians who are likely to deploy on operations, are routinely offered immunisation against anthrax."

Anyone been offered yet, and would anyone accept?

After all, a further quote: "Immunisation against anthrax is safe and effective."
So was British beef.
Had it, and will continue to have it.  The vaccine is most definitely safe and I don't mean that in the sense that our great leader says that MMR is safe.  This vaccine really is safe!
Still suffering from GWS, you are not convincing me,
and will continue to have it.
1. How often do you have to have it?? 2. How long does it last??
This vaccine really is safe!
3. And your Doctorate is in what?? 4. Who paid you to say that?? 5. It may be safe but does it fcuking work?? 6. How does it work?? And these, barring no 4, are not obtuse questions!!
To answer your question sin turn:

1.  There is a course of 4 jabs.  Start day, 3 wks, 6 wks and 6 months.  

2.   And then an annual booster.

3.   I don't have a doctorate.  Gave up at Masters level.  But it is a specialised subject of mine.

4. Not paid by anyone.  

5. It works.  It has been in use for many years.

And I really don't understand the concerns.
I'm too much of  gentleman. And SB it depends on where they stick it that will decide on how big a prick you actually feel.
I'll pass thanks.........

Besides, I don't plan to do any deployments to the US in a hurry...
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SB - what is it with you?  You somehow always manage to turn a serious thread "smutty".

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GGG - come on, it's only a bit of fun. I thought you blokes loved smut - or are you really a woman? ;)

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