Anthrax....Just for a giggle??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Letterwritingman, Mar 10, 2004.

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  1. Yes please four of those "bad boys" for me mate

  2. No thanks...the rest of my family is still normal

  1. You've more than likely had the briefing or seen the video so who's up for a gamble with their health? My experience is that nearly to a man my unit has declined so how do you vote? :D :D
  2. I had one of those jabs, and my left arm went dead for about 3 days. Couldn't sleep, and couldn't lift my arm above my waist. I don't know wether that makes me a big wimp, or the nurse that gave it a sadistic bitch! :lol: I wouldn't recommend it.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Perhaps as at today people will be less enthusiastic. About 15 months ago when yer man with the droopy 'tach was still around, and we all believed (really!) that he was going to lob the stuff all over the place as soon as we turned up on his doorstep as uninvited guests I can assure you that we all turned up at the Med Centre!!

    I had all four, and (so far) can still walk and talk OK, although the second head takes some getting used to.
  4. Never had a problem with it. Okay, a dead arm for a day after but if I was in the same place facing the same uncertainty now as I was last year, yes, I'd get in line.... you'd have been daft not to.

    I mean, it's like saying your going to refuse to wear your respirator because you get a sweat rash! If you don't feel the protection offered is good enough for you don't cry foul when the sh1t hits the fan. Everyone seems to blame every ache, pain or sniffle on anthrax, BAPS, NAPS etc.... get real, people get ill.

    Now the vaccine the US use is a different kettle of fish, that baby is a 'live' vaccine and you could theoretically get anthrax from it..... not ours.
  5. I started my series when I got mobilized, but haven't completed it.

    Six shots in the series at 50ml a jab. They alternate arms, but still ain't fun.
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Bubblehead - slightly worried that you are having six shots - the anthrax course is 4. Unless there is some medic out there to tell me i'm wrong.
  7. The regime is as I understand it..

    Jab 1
    Jab 2 - Three weeks later
    Jab 3 - Three week's after Jab 2
    Jab 4 - At the 6 Month point

    I had all four last year for our "springtime in the sun excursion", had a quite bad reaction to the jabs. Have gently refused the offer this year!!! :wink:

    Edited for this point:

    As i understand this vaccine still has squaline in it...perhaps bubblehead might ecognise the significance of this?? :?
  8. I think Bubble may be one of our colonial cousins, with the different vaccine, hence the different number of shots.
  9. The US series:

    Shot one
    Shot two: two weeks after one
    Shot Three: two weeks after two
    Shot four: five months after three
    shot five: six months after four
    shot six: six months after five.

    then you get a yearly booster.
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Bubble - Apologies - I stand corrected.
  11. Why is HMG giving us a choice about a vaccine? We don't normally have choices so there must be an ulterior motive :twisted:
  12. Not really, if you get the brief..... and have the choice, you can't claim in the unlikely event the vaccine does you damage, and you can't claim when you get anthrax because you were offered the choice of a vaccine but you refused.

    Listen to that loud resounding "CLICK... Swish!" of that big brolly going up! :?
  13. had the choice at chiwell nearly said yes but had cold so couldnt have it
    couldnt be arsed to go back and get it later .Ohh and nbc traing for telic 3
    what a complete waste of time only nbc suits seen out here are the jackets we gave the local police .I dont trust the gov over the anthrax jab
  14. Injection 1 prior to weekend off, on day of promotion drinks. No drinking, wasted weekend due to reaction - groggy, painful arm. Injection 2 just before... Christmas leave! Cue funky chicken for 5 days, gibbering on the sofa, hullacinating, just able to move on the afternoon Christmas Eve.

    You have to sign for each one individually.

    You almost die for a week after each one.

    You end up having babies with two heads.

    Enough said!
  15. Ah. The anthrax conspiracy theory limps on.

    Tish Tosh

    1. It is a vaccine like any other vaccine. It has been used for years and is a licensed product.
    2. You have the choice to have it or not which, incidentally, is true of any other vaccine.
    3. Like all medicines it has side effects which are worse with some people than others.
    4. Like many vaccines it causes local reactions at injection site and may knock you for six for a few hours - this is because the body is recognising a new 'foreign body' and is fighting back. That is a good thing - shows the body's immune system is working.
    5. It is a different product to the American one - about which I know very little so cannot comment.

    Recent reports are anecdotal and scaremongering. However, anyone who truly believes that the jab has produced an unexpected/unacceptable side effect should consult their MO. There are ongoing studies and any information to assist in those studies I am sure would be welcomed.

    Nuff sed.