Anthrax deaths. Careless or more sinister?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Steven, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. It seems there is an outbreak of junkies snuffing it after injecting themselves with drugs contamintated with anthrax.

    Europe anthrax outbreak linked to heroin use now at 13 cases - The Global Dispatch

    Is this just the usual dont give a fuck/cut it with anything that is pretty normal for drug dealers or are we looking at a real life "revenge on the junkies" or maybe a government black op film/book plot?
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  2. Hang on my give a fuckometer just flickered, nope still registering zero.
  3. Does it really matter?
  4. Wouldn't have thought Anthrax was easy enough to get hold of to be a cheap cutting agent?
  5. One can only hope.
  6. Other than its a bit curious how some unpleasant people have got hold of Anthrax? Not really.
  7. Well not really, what with the world ending tomorrow and the fact that who actually gives a fuck if junkies are offing themselves quicker than normal.

    I just thought it might be fun to speculate on the motivation behind the use of anthrax as a sort of gratis added extra to your drugs of choice.
  8. Been ongoing for 18 months, so not really breaking news old bean. As for cutting agents a couple of years ago Violin Rosin was used as a cutting agent in the NE Lincs area with humourous results (think about it).
  9. It's likely blood and bone meal fertiliser, used to happen with agricultural workers here but most cases these days are drug users. I'm not sure if it's because of the fertiliser on the crop or cutting heroin with the fertiliser. We stopped importing blood and bone meal from such countries due to some deaths many years ago, assume it's still the same now.
  10. I bow to your knowledge of the scene.
  11. Good. It's nice to have one's knowledge acknowledged.
  12. Bit tinfoil hatish but maybe Taliban germ warfare? Does seem odd that they would off the clientele though.
  13. Sheep poo fertilizer
  14. Lets try that again.

    I BOW ([SUB]wink wink nudge nudge nods head stamps foot violins etc)[/SUB] to your blah blah...