Anthony small: I'm one of the biggest threats to British military

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CAT, Apr 16, 2011.

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  1. CAT


    Anthony small: I'm one of the biggest threats to British military

    Islam future of Great Britain???
  2. Best send him to Gitmo then.
  3. Misguided or what.

    If democracy is so evil, what is the alternative.

    While we fight China will take over the world
  4. I hope so, he's thick as pigshit.

    Apparently Asia and Africa are countries.

    Why doesn't he get out to Waristan and join his Jihad?
  5. Ditto!..get the twat out!
  6. The big issue is that people will be brainwashed into thinking like this joker, this is when it becomes dangerous.
  7. Well, that's me convinced.
    Down with democracy!
  8. Just the look of him shows me he is a total knob cheese, so I didn't watch the vid. The government should take his claim seriously and eject him and his family from Britain as he is obviously against the British way of life and as such kicking him out would do him a favour as he wants to go and live in a backward country.
  9. Hm. Just promoted from "Eejit" to "Now has a four inch thick file with Special Branch."
    Fast approaching "Should take care running around tube stations."

  10. what a f@cking retarded cnut, a brilliant example of how our education system has failed, f@cking big time
  11. The guy is a total eejit and waste of space, but why not use his attitude and beliefs to get rid of a waster from the UK
  12. Really? Well you learn something new every day don't you?

    I thought the Big Issue was a shit paper that I never buy from pissheads.
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