"Anthony Blair, Captain Of School"

Synopsis: Anthony Blair's dear old mater always said he was 'good at making things up'. As a new boy at St Stephen's College, he learns the ropes from his dour Scottish study companion Brown. Popular and polite, he charms everyone including Matron Boothroyd and the school porter's stepdaughter Cherie. Thanks to a tragic incident with a runaway horse and the help of his loyal toast fag Peter, he becomes captain of school. Anthony mingles with the local aristocracy and survives an embarrassing day out foxhunting. There are dark encounters with Fenians and a suspected Russian anarchist. But triumph turns to disaster when he and the Bible-quoting headmaster Dr Bush send the College Rifle Corps into the slum district of Mesopotamia.

Anthony Blair, Captain of School: A Story of School Life by an Old Boy (Hardcover)
by John Morrison (Author), David Alan Hopkins (Illustrator)


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