Anterolateral shin splints

Running today i had a severe pain on my outside right shin which after doing a litte googleing on ive come up with Anterolateral shin splints.

Its hurt in the past but never to the extent that it bothered me. Today i carried on for a while then had to give up. I couldnt move my right foot up and it looked in the mirror as if my right outside shin was bigger than my left.

Anyone got experiance with these? How long to heal etc.


Hi, get yourself to a physio asap. Then get to a running shop and get some decent daps preferably with Superfeet insoles. RICE it, you'll be fine.
Can you tell me more about the superfeet please? Worth the 30 quid?

Anyone know of any running shops in north or central Birmingham?

I using a nice pair of adidas running shoes that are very comfortable. Could they be the problem...

RICE?? :?

Edited.. Just done more searching and its the pronated insole i need but cant seem to find any.


Rest Ice Compression Elevation, I have used Superfeet for about 4 years now and find them very good, they give a very good level pronation (but you are right they are dear so maybe just get the right footwear first of all). As for daps, I'm from down south so don't know the shops up your way but I'm sure someone will know of a good one, it really is worth the extra dosh to get the right ones, honest.
On your recomendation im going to now spend £35. It sounds like ive got an over pronating problem reading the superfeet site which can cause shin splints, i think thats my problem.

Ive found walking slighlty painfull for years and i know my right foot is over pronated as the superfeet site said. Worth the money is it solves the problem, nice one.
If you have this problem then there are running stores which will examine your gait when you buy training shoes so that you get a pair that fits. See if there is one in your area and it could save you a lot of problems. The trainers won't be cheap though.

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