Anterior Cruciate Ligiment Gone. Need some advice pse.

I have recently ruptured my A-Cruciate ligiment and when the physio and doctor were both examining it they said they thought that it had been damaged for some time.

I have had problems with this knee for approx 8 years and every time i went to the docs/physio it was the usual, brufen couple of physio appointments with exercises inm my own time.

Obviouslty my medical records will back up any claim as it boils down to the fact that it was made worse by service and negligence (have been downgraded 3 times for my knee in 3 years once for 9 months).

I am currently on AFPS 75 but have been told under certain curcumstances that I can claim while I am still serving, as I thouoght that would have to wait until I had completed my service. If anyone can shed any light on the subject of when I would be allowed to claim while on AFPS 75 it would be very apprieciated and point me in the right direction of how to go about claiming.

Cheers in advance

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