Anterior Cruciate Ligament ACL

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by spitzoid, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Will the above injury absolutely permanently exclude me from successful application to the Army? Obviously the official line is YES but I have read on these boards (and elsewhere) that exceptions can be made on appeal. Do you have any experience, or know anybody with experience of this situation? I had the operation 2 years ago and have fully (playing sports again) recovered.

  2. I daresay if you can prove to them that your knee won't go *twang* in the middle of a sandy hellhole in Afghan under fire with the need to piss off quickly, then there should be no reason why your application would be refused.
  3. hello,

    i am in the same boat as you, had an ACL reconstruction in 2002 following a rugby injury. i am currently going through the officer recruitment process, I have passed the briefing and am heading to the main board at some point soon. according the bumpf i was sent, one ACL repair is allowed, however you will enter the army as a medical risk.

    couple of disclaimers, i do not know if the process is similar for soldier recruitment, and what i have typed above is from memory, i can dig out the literature and type it up if you'd like more clarification!


    conga fury
  4. any info you've got would be appreciated mate.
  5. Bent my knee the wrong way a lot of years ago while at Brecon.

    Duly fixed and rehab'd to death.

    I was led to believe that as long as the joint was "Fully Stable" you were alright.

    Haven't seen either set of medical requirements but ask and save any grief.
  6. Hello,
    I just recently had my application rejected for the raf because of the op i had. I have been tryin in vain to search for hope or of a way to get around this. I just read your message you sent about being aloud 1 acl op. Can you tell me more? Im desperate to get in either the raf or the army. Thanks for your time