Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sleeper, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. item no320216078962 anybody tell me why these are on ebay
  2. Shhhhhhhhh.

    Don't say the naughty words!

    Close the curtains. Notebooks away.

    Etc ETC
  3. Have you contacted the police?
  4. And it would appear there is a lot of other green signaly bits as well
  5. I've contacted the Filth... Its in their hands now. I hope AGAI is thrown to the winds on this one!
  6. Errr.. yep.. he shouldnt definetly not have them !!
  7. ooops someones for some extras!!!!! Then a discharge
  8. judging by the other stuff hes flogging,,hes getting it in bulk.. prob from a military auction..
  9. The pikey bugger is selling traffic cones as well: 4 for £15.
    He reckons he has 50 8O
    You can't tell me they're not nicked!
    Perhaps he has an extremely long car and bought 50 to reserve his space :?
  10. mind you to the average guy on the street,, i wouldnt know what one of those even was let alone which end goes where..
    i doubt he knows what hes trying to flog either..
  11. Hmmm. I'm suitably suspicious. I'd have liked to have bidded on them and then handed them over but I suspect I'd have "Police_THEM" coming through my windows at 0415 hrs on the day they arrived!
  12. True, but you get dodgy people on e bay and could easily fall into the wrong hands
  13. maybe some one should just get in touch and ask him to remove the items from sale..
  14. I noticed PRR on there too. Surely the MOD puts £50,000 a year aside to pay a couple of clerks to seek this stuff out and report it!
  15. ADVICE:

    I was told not to contact the seller or to Bid.

    Ebay and Police informed. If you keep an Eye on it over the next few days I imagine Username: "BoatHouseColourKnown" will bid for it!