Antenna matching unit

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KevinB90, Sep 17, 2010.

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  1. hey guys,

    Just wondering if anyone could give me some information on a part.
    The nato number printed on this is 5820-99-622-5140 antenna matching unit

    It looks like a little cubed circuit
    It also has a part number on the packet 49001-693-10-05

    I have searched the internet with no provale, would be very gratefull if anyone could give me some insight into what radio gear this works with ?

    Thanks, kev
  2. Not sure you meant to post this in here mate, be far more likely to get a suitable response in the sigs section.

    Is this a cased module or just a PCB? If its for clansman, you might get the info you need from the clansman-larkspur yahoo group

    are you just wanting to know what kit its for, or are you wanting to press it into amateur service?
  3. Do you mean the TUAAM for VHF?
  4. Can you post a pic? The name written on the plate with the NSN on isnt always the name its known by
  5. tuning unit automatic antenna matching, if its a large box with a hinged lid with two co ax connections either side of each other with a base rubber black thats what you have got. It should have on the plate a series of numbers with loads of strike marks through.
  6. Put it on Ebay.Claim it was used by Them.It'll be gone before Monday.