Antenna length calulations..

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TA_sig, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. I seem to have misplaced my notes on antenna length caclulations and resistances of the various mediums - I guess one of you will have them to hand.. As a lowly stab signaller type I have my first ex coming up so it would be handy.
  2. Check your PM
  3. 10 metre whip will get comms to anyone, trust me ;)

  4. FFS, you should know these by heart. HF is a black art anyway, just quote sunspot activity to the gaysex cell and wing it with a Nokia
  5. Ah backup comms, been serving the royal corps for many years now, when in doubt get o2 to sort you out!

  6. That is an absolutely shocking way to do business 8O

    And anyway, its Vodafone in Blandford!!! ;) :lol: :lol:

  7. O yea I forgot o2 sucks down there, it was quite good in Germany tho, not that i would 'ever' do that you understand, being a HF GOD n all!!! Hmmm thats strange my phones ringing...

    "No I told you to put a dipole up you stupid tnuc!"

    Sorry about that where was I?
  8. Leave him alone, he's in a Ptarmigan unit. He's probably hiding at the mo from his local YofS who's bombarded him with Pams or he could be bashing one off over them ....... :? .
  9. Poor fcuker, if you cannot get comms ALWAYS blame the other side mate, works a treat...promise.
  10. Or could he be a Yeoman bluffing as per????
  11. Hmm well my 10 metre whip is a genius idea and everyone knows HF doesn't work at night so theres no point in putting any of those big silly antennas up just to do heights & gains and all that nonsense when its cold and wet out...

    Dammit just use the mobile, or SCRA(T) or Ptarmigan or if you've ever been on a 1 Div exercise you can actually run a piece of string to the distant station with a paper cup attatched to each end so long as you don't go through the RRB (VHF).

    Right im bored of this now better get back to crammer revision (I hope they like my 10 metre whip idea in blandford)

  12. I do remember one describing they didn't need to know A&P cause they'd always be able to rely on subject matter experts.
  13. #

    Heard that too. From a female Yeoman :) :) (Ex Data op she was)
  14. This was said to an ex-AS Op, from an ex-RS Op 8O (The switch bitch was sorting out the HF link)
  15. try reading the TURF plate always worked for me.... :wink: