Antartic explorers?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tartan_Terrier, May 9, 2006.

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  1. As I was cycling along on my way to the post office this afternoon, sweating gently, and wishing I'd put on a thinner t-shirt, what do I see but a POIS (person of indeterminate sex) wearing a thickly padded ski suit, boots, a long white woolly scarf, and to top the whole ensemble off, a sheepskin hat with ear flaps.

    The only logical explanation is that it was Captain ("I'm just going outside for a minute, I may be some time") Oates of Scott of the Antartic fame. Obviously by 'some time' he meant 94 years.

    Can anyone think of any other reason why someone (even a doddery old fecker) would risk heat exhaustion, by wearing this outfit on the warmest day of the year so far?
  2. Nope dont know but seen an old dear dressed like it the otherday by the way she was standing I'm sure she'd just followed through
  3. Marathon in a hot country? Didn't people train like this or in hot rooms when there was the olympics in that place that I'm too lazy to remember or look up?
  4. No, I don't think so. It was bimbling slowly along and didn't by any stretch of the imagination look like it was training for Marathon des Sables.

    Are you sure people really do that anyway?

    It sounds totally insane.
  5. They sound Italian..
  6. Maybe they were in disguise....
  7. jockey trying to lose weight? obviously wetsuits and exercise bikes are out of vogue
  8. perhaps the, he/she/mong just escaped from the local loony ward
  9. Oddly dressed people are everywhere!

    We have an oddball round here, he turned up to the pub mid afternoon not long ago in his mountainy/ski gear, we all asked if he was going to a fancy dress party?

    "No, just got of a plane and train, straight back from the slopes!" Was his answer.

    "Fair one" we said,

    Another bloke walks in and says chap in ski gear,

    "Bloody good pi5s up last night!"

    I asks how they ended up at the same ski resort?

    "Resort??? pi5s up was in Didcot!" :lol:

    Bloke in ski gear makes a quick exit :oops: - rest of roaring with laughter!

  10. and i thought it was just me being a middle aged moaner, i cant understand why people wear fleeces whilst wearing shorts surely if its cold enough for a fleece its cold enough for trousers or am i just being picky!!!
  11. perhaps he/she/it was an illegal immigrant on the hide from the Nazi like immigration officials we have in this country! with his/her disguise the blagger would never be recognised and could go about his/her more than likely criminal activities without fear of arrest (then immediate release with full apology for any inconvenience) to continue his/her life of crime?

    or am i being political?