Ant Middleton forced to resign from chief cadet role over BLM tweet

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My missus is always nagging me to go to gigs, Ben f--king Fogle talks or w-nky musicals I have no interest in, so when she piped up about one of his shows I figured it might get me off the hook for a while, so I agreed to go (as long as she paid).

This was at the De Montford in Leicester, which seats a fair few thousand and was pretty much rammed with meat head 'roid addicts, nervous looking teenagers and gentile season ticket holders nursing their sherry schooners.

The best word I can find to describe it is 'excruciating'.

It was 5 minutes of back-of-a-beermat 'mindspeak' crammed into 2.5hrs.

At least an hour of it was clips from his TV shows and the hypocrisy was spectacular.

One section was about listening to, and using the expertise of the people around us to succeed as a team.

The next sequence was about him nearly dying on Everest, where the irony was lost on him that it was because he twice ignored the advice of the experts around him.

But he's "ex-spechal forwsez" and nobody knows him like he knows himself, so they don't know what he knows he is capable of (i.e. nearly getting himself killed being a knob).

The last 10 minutes was him showing his 'word armoury' that he mentally opens every day, and selects the ones he knows will help him. At this point a few more balanced people got up and started to leave early.

The missus and I still use the armoury thing as a running joke 2 years later.

The disturbing thing is that I didn't get the sense he was struggling to keep a straight face as he pedalled his utter nonsense, but that he completely believed in it himself. 100% watertight self regard.
I have in my "word armoury" a word that I tend to use a lot when faced with the likes of Middleton.

It rhymes with "banker"