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Ant Middleton a victim of bullying.

Ant Middleton is a former British soldier and Royal Marine and now a television presenter/personality. He is best known as the Chief Instructor on the Channel 4 television series SAS: Who Dares Wins.

He has put into print, in his latest book, that he was the victim of bullying whilst in “The Paras”. He goes on to mention what life was like in “The Paras”. He has appeared on TV interviews talking about “The Paras”. Truth is he never served in The Parachute Regiment. He was 9 Sqn RE.
He also never corrects anyone when they refer to him as Ex SAS. He was in fact SBS for four years. He left under a cloud regarding a failed CDT and PEDs.... allegedly.
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Well that’s a lie, believe it or not no RLC drivers have ever passed selection. It’s cute you are trying to sound informed though.

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passed it 1968 from portsmouth bks 8regt first go.
he was a hereford lad born and bred so had an inkling what the score was.
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believe it or not no RLC drivers have ever passed selection. It’s cute you are trying to sound informed though.

It’s not the sort of thing you would know unless you’d served with the SF since 1993.

Not only that old stab referred to RAOC which did have a driver trade and many more besides. I know of a few RAOC who were successfully SF.


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