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Ant Middleton a victim of bullying.

Yes it is absolute bollocks.

I know of at least 2 RCT (then into RLC) drivers who served as badged members of 22.

One of them was a fellow Pte/Dvr with me at my first UK posting as he passed selection at the rank of Dvr and left H as a WO2.
One of the lads who was lost in the Sea King Crash in the Falklands in 1982 passed selection while he was an RCT driver attached, in the MT Troop in Hereford.


That's some kinda speshul, right there - get your profile and your sock account banned in a fortnight . . .

The only other supermong who could manage it as of now is our favourite little angry man, Robme.
Probably serving the Marines their Tea at Lympstone and is now pan bashing.
I once saw two galley mongs kissing after dinner once.
Both were a bit "touched" shall we say and the girl one had been eating chips from the slops bin just minutes before.
I felt queasy if I'm honest.
Barely managed a wank about it.


He left under a cloud regarding a failed CDT and PEDs.... allegedly.
As I recall, according the man himself to camera, he was out on his arse because he got convicted for violence when some lunks jumped him and he couldn't clearly show that the hiding he gave them was a use of force in self-defence, and did some bird for it.

Having read on a bit I have to say that you are an utterly vacant-headed chundered-up turdblossom of the first order and I can't for the life of me imagine how you've come to be enjoying RoPs like your socky Shockwave; no sirree-bob, I can't.

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