Ant and Dec were where?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by old_bloke, Mar 10, 2005.

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  1. See the Stun is right up there with its journalistic research department going for a Pulitzer.

    Ah the RAF white helmets , they do it on Tornadoes I think.
  2. Whilst we all know the signals are the white helmets, i thought the
    raf were known as the purple helmets!!
  3. Have you emailed the scum and pointed out their slip up OB? Surely the self proclaimed "Forces favourite Newspaper" would have some idea of who was who. Then again, the newspaper has avoided actually putting news on its pages for years, so why would they bother.

  4. wrong again i'm afraid

    i think you'll find the RAF are known as the "brown hatters" :D
  5. And here's me thinking they were called 'those crab fcukers'!

  6. How could anybody confuse crabs with sigs?
    One is a bunch of ill-disciplined, shiny-arsed whingers, while the other...........
    ah, (penny drops) :wink:
  7. aaaahhhh those men on there machines ....are the smellys still shit riders? long live the gun crew..........memorys of 99........lets get the tournament back.......i'll be back boys you know who iam....its in your blood.....the throne is mine yeah baby.............
  8. Ryhming Slang? :wink:
  9. yea mate and the pillion head stand !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Well done guys, pity we didn't see Ant go thro the flames. Poor old Dec nursing his arm... :lol:
  11. I'm sure that they said they were in Chester? Does anyone know exactly where they were?
  12. Does anyone care?
  13. Could have been RAF Sealand- now defuct I believe.
  14. Yes i can confirm it was RAF Sealand
  15. All good stuff, shame Ant never did it, he probably bricked himself after poor Dec chewed the dirt!

    Good to see the guys in the studio too.

    And at least the bike started WAHEY!!