Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by lemon_corkscrew, Feb 3, 2005.

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  1. I have done everything I can to make sure that my child is cared for, I have never refused a posting etc but the army is trying to do its best to make sure I quit. I am trying to do what they want but at the mo but it looks like I may be posted twice within 9 months to suit them. I agree that I have the same liabilities as everyone else and I will try not to let force me out, Ihave managed so far for 10 years! I have done everything they want and still I am treated like a hinderanceI just feel like I am a number no longer a person. Dont know how much longer I can cope! What can I do?
  2. Hold on. Are you sure that the 'Army' is trying to force you out? What army - every single person in the army? The army as a single body of people with a collective brain?

    Or do you mean that you feel the system is not aware of the (possible) unfairness of posting you twice within 9 months? Have you spoken to your chain of command? What did they say? Is the 'system' really being unfair or is there no other option/posting/people available at the moment?

    It might help if you explain what avenues you have tried and then people on here can offer you some options you may not have thought about?