Anschutz 1813

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by lancslad, Apr 7, 2007.

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  1. Folks,

    Have just been offered today a 5yo Anschutz Super Match 1813 for around 300 notes. Now is this a good deal that I should snatch his hand off or a bad deal to walk away from?

  2. 1. Do you have a current FAC for your location?

    2. If so, do you have a slot for a .22 target rifle?

    3. If you do, take it and run. The sights alone are almost that price.

    4. If you do not have an FAC, you are opening yourself up for deep, deep shite, and I for one would have no compunction about bubbling you to the fuzzy persons. Remember that where you say you live they flog folks for chewing gum in public.

    5. Your question implies that you as much about small-bore target rifle shooting, or the law on firearms where you say you live, as I know about underwater cake-making for the deaf.

    On the other hand, you could just be lining this site up for a sting, couldn't you? I am ALWAYS very suspicious about questions like yours, where the poster obviously has little or no knowledge of the relative value of an object that can be found on the internet.

  3. Fultons have one listed for £525 slthough they tend to be a bit overpriced.

    None on guntrader:

    A barrelled action here for £400!

    I don't go in for smallbore target rifles myself so it's not my area of expertise but if it looks OK it should be good for the money. Does it have everything with it? If not buying sights etc could be pricey.

    Get yourself down to Altcar this afternoon and you can have a go with a grown up rifle ;)
  4. [quote="EX_STAB]Get yourself down to Altcar this afternoon and you can have a go with a grown up rifle ;)[/quote]

    He says he lives in Singapore, so that might be a bit tricky.

  5. He says he lives in Singapore, so that might be a bit tricky.


    Ah, yes, missed that! I saw "Lancs Lad" and assumed he would be in Lancashire!
  6. Thanks Ex-stab - spotted the one at Fultons as well when doing a quick search on the net beforehand but I was having some problems trying to precisely pin-down the model and a relative price for comparison with the quote I was given at lunchtime today. Doing a simple google just wasn't helping and I thought appealing to the greater knowledge of ARRSE would be a quicker solution.

    Plunderer - thx for the comments - in the main they're actually very helpful, but please don't jump to conclusions on my status etc. 'cos you'll find yourself wrong.

  7. Good deal. Very good deal if it includes sights and handstop (you've already said it's an 1813, so I'm assuming the proper free rifle buttplate as a given). I suspect that the seller isn't interested in making a profit, as much as they are interested in encouraging someone to take up the sport seriously. (Someone sold me my first 1413 for £250; I repaid them by selling it recently to a student, for £250).

    Things to check.
    - Make sure the bedding hasn't collapsed (i.e. someone's not run up the bedding bolts to 10Nm and left them). The barrel shouldn't touch the wood anywhere forward of the action.

    - Take the barrel and action out of the stock; look for any rust. Most likely to be found on the bolt or the underside of the barrel.

    - Give the barrel a clean, and have a look for any bulges; they'll show up as a dark ring part-way up the barrel. Unlikely, but possible.

    If the owner has any test groups (from factory, or from a visit to the Eley factory) then ask for copies. The factory test group for that rifle will be glued into the instruction manual.

    Even if the barrel is screwed and the stock is knackered, you probably couldn't get an action and a set of sights for £300 - you could then rebarrel the action and put it in a nice stock like an HPS Ultra, part funding the task with the sale of the buttplate.

    Feel free to PM me.
  8. Thanks Gravelbelly - check your PMs

  9. On which note what would people reccomend as a first time rifle for .22 shooting, i.e. where is the best place to buy and what rifle?

    Haven't got an FAC yet, need to apply for one. But have been a member of a home office approved rifle club for three years nearly and have shot regularly in teams etc so plenty of evidence of shooting and references etc.
  10. What sort of shooting do you want to do? After three years in a club you should have a good idea. i.e. NSRA Smallbore Target, 22Benchrest, 1500?

    Where to buy will depend on the first answer.
  11. Club is NSRA affiliated, shoot in the postal leagues etc and some open shoots when I get the opportunity. 25 yards indoors is no worry, there are plenty of club nights. However I'm starting to want to shoot more open shoots and outdoor stuff and thats a sod without your own FAC and rifle because it means anytime I want to shoot cards I have to drag along a club member authorised to carry armourey keys so I can get the club rifle I use etc. I can't really develop my shooting too much further (and it's going quite well) I don't think, without getting my own rifle.
  12. If you just want an old Martini action BSA target rifle try

    If you're in the midlands PM me and I'll see if I can find you one. Obviously you'll have to sort your FAC out first.