Another yob getting a good kicking

Not sure the whole team did go off in support, looks more like the manager told them to get off.
Well I was going to put something about the whole team being pulled off but realised that this was probably not a good choice of words.


Cantona received a £20,000 fine, was banned for 2 months and also convicted for assault. So I'd say yes.
Cantona wasn't at risk of being assaulted as the bloke he kicked was just gobbing off from the stand, Cantona went over to him and then kicked him, there is a big difference.

If the bloke had been running up behind Cantona there is a good chance he'd have got away with self defence.
So who threw the Tea, then?
Esteban received a red card for violent/agressive behaviour. The card has been cancelled because the football association deemed "kicking some hooligan cunt who has no business on the pitch" a normal reaction in this particular context.

The hooligan stated he would not press charges against Esteban...... The fucking mongoloid.

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