Another whats this? thread, artillery toy/model

Can anyone shed any light on what this is a model of? Is it just a toy, or a realistic model?
I apologise for the state of it, but its just been unearthed from under Snails stairs by time team.

It appears to be able to fire something, maybe even using a small percussion cap? despite the control wheels being bent it does elevate and traverse.

Edited to add, this may well end up being auctioned for 'help them out'

Apparently it should have writing on the side of it......

(And may or may not need decommissioning).


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Might be a not entirely accurate model of a German 88mm flak gun.
It's an ack-ack gun (model, obviously). Bit before my time, though.
I think (but I might not be right about this - but I haven't nicked it from anywhere) it belonged to Mr Slug's Grandad who was a very brave man during WW2.

Can you put it in the Begging Bowl please Toppers? He obviously didn't notice it under the stairs, so he ain't missing it.
home made model of a WW2 3.7 inch QF AA flack gun?

What else do you hide under your stair snail?

And does it fire anything?

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