Another what watch thread....Sinn watches

I have one of these:

No for every day wear, but kept for special occasions.
Keeps excellent time and is solar powered.
Cheap for what it is at about £200 (if you an find one)
Well I went back to the Banardos charity shop, and the price on this is £189, seems that they are a donation there are 3 Sekio of various types (with user manuals)

They tell me that when stuff like this comes in, they phone a head office and they stipulate the price to put on item, if it is not sold by Friday then they have to put it on ebay

I expect that as a charity they get a discount from ebay / paypal

So £189 for a watch that has come in off the street, I would soon pay a bit more and get a watch with a guarantee

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I have been back to the shop and it is still there, they are going to send off to their ebay team in the near future,, however the Manager said make me an offer, I think other people has shown an interest but obviously no takers

Anyone hazard a guess at what would be a reasonable offer !


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