[Another] Weapons Handling Test update

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Cavalier, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. After finally getting a copy and going through the AOSP [Jan 2010] there seems to have been some slight amendments to the test.

    The above publication found on the Army Electronic Battle Box suggests:

    Soldiers are no longer told to handover the weapon after taking control of it at the beginning of the test. (Test 1, condition 2 in the old test).

    The obstruction drill has two new lines of command: "COCKING HANDLE NOT FULLY FORWARD" and "CHAMBER CLEAR" (after they've checked inside the chamber: Test 8, Conditions 2 in the old test).

    Wind tables have also gone for a walk and not included in the latest test.

    This copy is version 2010, does anyone know if there is a more uptodate version? i.e. January 2010? There is a danger that this copy has been sitting on the AEBB since the end of last year and since been [again] amended?
  2. Not that I'm aware of, that's the one (hard copy) we've been using since Jan. All the Ranges and EASI chips up here have been altered to suit as well, not sure about the DCCT but I know the custodian is working on it.
  3. So as a rule, everyone needs to be retested on the amended test to be “current”. Not a major issue seeing as it’s Bounty Hunter season so everyone will be aiming to be tested anyway. However, the AOSP says that everyone (not just instructors and range staff) need to be tested twice a year to be “competent” and to pass MATT 1.
  4. The 1st Test (safety) has been changed because they were picking up a loaded rifle & unloading it, this was then repeated in the unload test later on. So in effect the drill was tested twice. Plus the marking guide was different to the rest of the test.

    Commands for the obstruction drill have been changed because they were incorrect in the 1st place and didn't match what was being taught in the stoppages lesson.

    Be aware the current test has a mistake in the stores for test 1. It should be an UNLOADED rifle they pick up, as the conditions state "The soldier, without further direction, is to pick up the weapon and carry out full normal safety precautions."

    Happy testing :police: !!!
  5. Until the revision comes out I'm still going by the test 1, i.e. picking up the loaded weapon and making it safe by removing magazine and carrying out NPSs just as you would if you came across a loaded weapon in real life.
  6. Hmmm, If any of my lads picked up a loaded Wpn in theatre and carried out that drill I would scream get down!!!!

    Chances are it is booby trapped!
  7. Theatre is different, however some SUT are being taken through the WHT by their unit and being told to check for booby traps first before picking up the weapon....surely that should be covered on PDT/MST and not during initial training as to if they'd fail the test....its down to interpretation IMOO so long as they carried out the NSPs as required then no drama however way to go and confuse SUT the emphasis on UNDER TRAINING