Another way in which ARRSE is better than ArmyNET?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by abacus, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. :roll:

    I particularly note the phrase, "This is unavoidable"

    Could you imagine moving a Fd HQ without a Step Up?

    Perhaps GoodCO & BadCO could offer to help them out....
  2. I feel sorry for the team as they have been trying to get out of their current hosting environment for some time and it has been painful by all accounts. Step up would be ideal if the Army had the money - apparently the new location has one so at least it is progress. Mind you any move or upgrade is a nightmare. I remember not so long ago we all had problems on here when it was upgraded - I imagine they will have the same.

    Hopefully the move might improve the site even more. Time will tell. Considering that the Army is not ready for Armynet a great deal has been achieved and they do well with what they have.
  3. ^I agree the team do a very good job but the song and dance the army has made about all units toeing the corporate line regarding web sites (for very good reasons) and the apparent disapproval of arrse as a discussion forum (for less obviously good reasons) plus the recent campaign from ArmyNET for users to display posters on their behalf does not sit comfortably with lack of resource or lack of funding claims.

    We are not talking huge sums of money here - less than £10K if they had to buy one brand new and I will take some convincing that there isn't a perfectly usable buck-shee server kicking about the system somewhere. So not the team's fault but someone, somehwere needs to have a damn good conversation with themself.
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Is Arrse frowned upon? Most of the comments I've heard have been reasonably positive and I've never had any grief over participating, despite being fairly comprehensively 'outed'.
  5. Actually I'll think you'll find it was the ArmyNET users who made the first request to have posters to advertise the service, as they wanted to increase uptake in their units so they could get good benefit (e.g. putting unit noticeboard type information online). Once the suggestion was made, many more ArmyNET users starting agreeing that it was a very good idea and volunteering to help.

    The ArmyNET team have done a fantastic job with minimal resources, and I would not want to see their genuine innovation and hardworking efforts compromised. The Army has a huge amount to learn about the benefits of investment in web-based technology, and the ArmyNET team are leading the way. Unfortunately the brass has a long way to catch up, and hence their funding problems. The team need our support, not our criticism.
  6. Another way in which ARRSE is better than ArmyNET is you don't get a tie with ArmyNET
  7. I agree with this one - you don't get No 4 socks with ArmyNET either.
  8. have we an unavoidable delay on the ties ... should they be hitting the streets v.soon ?
  9. Does this mean that ARRSE being better than ArmyNET because it has ties is an untruth?!!! At least the socks bit is true - standby for a libel action!!