Another waste of TAX payers cash.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by old_bloke, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. OK its the SMAIl but the story is amazing.

    Family of Romanians break into a house. Owner comes back and they claim a man in a shop said they could live there

    Actualy they are thieves and on the blag however their defence is good.
    they took the kid along as a prop.

    BUT The couple, who do not speak English (so how did they speak to a man in a shop?) or tell the owner that they were going to squat?

    better yet their senteance is good... another waste of tax payers money and the courts time.

    The couple, who do not speak English, were sentenced them to 12 month community orders with 100 hours community service.

    So who is going to pay for the child care when they are doing said community service and who is going to pay for the Romanian translator.

    Read more:

    STick them on a bus and send them back to Romanian.
  2. Ian Huntley can babysit as he recovers from his throat slashing.

    If I find any intruders in my house they wont need a lawyer, they'll need an undertaker.
  3. Why exactly would they need child care paid for by the taxpayer while one of the couple is doing community service?
  4. So the other one can go shoplifting.
  5. Labour will inprison you if you lay a hand on any scum occupying your house,whilst at the same time providing full benefits to the criminal scum.

    ESPECIALLY if they are illegal immigrants.
  6. Only if the police find their remains.
  7. Blood now past boiling point. Fukking people, why don't they create the crime in their own country and leave our prisons free for the local rogues? Bastads need shooting so they do. Ahha, that would save money. How much does a round cost nowadays?
  8. On average about £2.50 a pint so it depends on how many you are buying for? 8O

    Ok, Lads n lasses, Norfolknchance is buying... :lol:
  9. Now now "Norfolknchance", please remember your beloved leaders in Westminster, the lib/lab/con clique, ALL want you to hug ALL immigrants, legal and illegal, make them feel welcome whilst handing over all your hard earned taxes, houses and savings to these lovely misunderstood people who are so disadvantaged and of course not forgetting, it is all you and your ancestors fault by raping, pillaging, exploiting and enslaving the whole of the rest of the world! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  10. The immigrants are now organised, they know the ins and outs of the system and the best way to milk it for everything that they can get, sponge like mad and then move on. Meanwhile the gang boss that organises the 'tour' skims off the top, sells the first born into white slavery and prostitution, the recacitrant wench (or male) gets arrested, banged up, four squares a day courtesy of HM Aunty Betty and us and the merry go round go's on 8O
  11. You've never seen a Romanian prison, have you?
  12. The Blair / Brown Broken Britain !

    Better than Romania and better than Bulgaria though - but only just and not for much longer !
  13. No Mate, this is a waste of Tax Payers cash...

    Parliament's new £17k lift attendant 'a waste of money'

    Parliamentary authorities have advertised for an official lift attendant to supervise the House of Commons elevator.

    The official will be paid more than £17,000 a year, plus perks, to operate the five-level lift at Westminster.

    Critics attacked the job as a waste of money, which added “absolutely nothing of value to the public”.

    But authorities defended the position, saying it would help assist the public in navigating their way through Parliament.

    According to an advertisement posted on the internal House of Commons careers website, applicants are told they have to adhere to “strict” qualifications.

    It says applicants must be "smart and articulate", have "experience of operating a passenger lift" and must be able to submit an application by April 6.

    The winning applicant will be paid £17,277 in annual salary, receive 28 days' paid holiday, have a choice of pension schemes as well as having access to an interest-free travel loan, child care vouchers and discounted gym membership.

    The applicant is to be part of a four man team operating two of Westminster's lifts with another lift servicing four floors in the House of Lords.

    Matthew Elliott, from the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "Taxpayers will be funding yet another employee in the state sector, with a generous pension and benefits but doing absolutely nothing of value to the public."

    A spokesman for the House of Commons was unavailable for comment on Sunday.

    But asked to explain why it was employing such a worker a spokesman told the News of the World: “Mainly to assist the public.” Daily Telegraph
  14. jail the parents and send the kids back home to family to care for them. once the 12 months is up chuck them out and send back home
  15. C'mon 'bonehead21L' you can't chuck them - they are New Labour voters!