Another walt exposed

We should create a website specifically for exposing "walts". Name and shame them. It's a good idea because not only will these idiots be exposed but it could actually be used by police etc for identifying people who might also be involved in more serious scams where the law is broken.

But is it a violation of human rights? You know what these left-wing loonies are like!!
That's a bit harsh..
It's only the stupid Walts that need naming & shaming. The rest of us are generally decent. Take me for instance. I was so thorough in my cover story, I walked into the ACIO in Slough, did some tests, and reported to a training Depot in 1988. I went the whole way through Basic training and no one ever sussed!!!
Even on the day I passed out my family and friends had no idea I was pretending.

Unfortunately on reaching Battalion in N.I the fact that I was a soldier didn't impress anybody. So I had to eat a tube of cam cream and take the blame for the mattress the Platoon set alight...

Still, no one ever twigged. I could still bluff my way around Twickenham this year. It's all about doing the research. I mean, what sort of twat would actually serve in the Army for 12 Years ?

Oh. Shit.
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