Another walt exposed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 105AVRE, May 4, 2006.

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  1. Americans are gulable so it dont supprise me she fell for it!!
  2. I found the article almost amusing, untill reading this part

    "And he was placed on the sex offenders' register in 1999 for an unspecified offence."
  3. Trust it to be an American bint who would beleive that turd from the start.
  4. what a pri*k. There is so many of these cun*s around, we only hear about the ones that have been exposed!
  5. would that be because we can't hear about them untill they have been exposed?
  6. I wondered what LJH was up to these days.
  7. From The Daily Record
    As I am sure all "staff sergeant of hostage terrorism rescue team" type people carry.

    Who'd have thought this would work as a chat up line? Certainly beats my "here is 10p" routine.

    How do you slip this in to the conversation?
  8. Picture the scene, a busy bar in Glasgow.

    Walt - Alreet pet, ya wanna drink?

    Dumb Feck Yank Bint - Well why the hell not.

    Walt - What ya having doll?

    DFYB - I'll have one of those little old Bloody Mary's my sweet pumpkin pie.

    Walt - Ah, right you are.

    Walt - Here you go lass.

    DFYB - Why thank you kindly, are you not having one?

    Walt - No, I've no been able drink anything red since I shook a fellas hand whilst stabbing the wee b@stard in the neck. I could tell ya aboot it bit I'd have ta kill yee.

    Something like that perhaps?
  9. How in the name of all that's holy do people (women) fall for this load of tosh. :evil: :evil:

    Guillable.......dim or just plain interbreeding. take your pick, how could anyone fall for this dribble??!!

    However, he did plug in and connect with them......mission accomplished!! Nice one walt!!!!!

  10. The 'Hostage Terrorism Rescue Team'? Cutaway used to be a Lance Brigadier in them.

    Typical sloppy eh? Just couldn't tell her that he flipped burgers.

  11. THe last one.........easy peasy. You just casually slip it after you've asked her if she wants chili sauce or garlic on her kebab.
  12. I'm forever fascinated by females referring to old fat ugly gits "who could talk their way into anyone's knickers"...

    I've always wondered how that works and I hope this isn't it.
  13. As a fat, old, ugly git I resemble that last remark.........................

    Yours Faithfully

    Maj Gen JP Thruttockstabber
  14. All right, all right, but what do you say that makes them roll over backwards????