Another vomit inducing peice of scum...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Le_addeur_noir, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    This in the Daily Mail today


    Freed early from a sentence for manslaughter at 22?.This sentence was for 18 months.FFS what has gone wrong with Britain?.

    The "indefinate" sentence he has just received will probably amount to no more than a few years after some sandal wearing social "worker" gets onto his case and pleads the usual leftist drivel to the parole board.

    Bring back capital punishment and penal servitude to deal with scum like this.

    I would suggest death,but this seems to be too good for this peice of filth.

    Perhaps death by starvation,with his meals being left within smelling distance of his cell?.
  2. Feck me another bloody hardman, who the feck do these scrotes think they are. I dont think it will be long before we have vigilante groups roaming the streets to protect us from these scumbags. Enough is enough
  3. 3 months training then off to the front line to fight for this country.
    Then we will see these so called hard men face a fanatical killer who is hell bent on killing them.

    This scum is not even good enough to be called Cannon Fodder, but use them as such we should
  4. Give them a big pair of heavy boots and get them stamping through minefields to find the mines. ooops forgot that might infringe on their fecking human rights not that they have the right to be called human beings. Hanging to good for these little shites.

    Rant over back to me whiskey.
  5. That creature is beyond rehabilitation. It's high time shit like this was removed from the gene pool. I sincerely hope this cnut gets treated with equal violence in nick... which I doubt. It makes you wonder just how much of this crap is actually going on that never makes the papers?
  6. BuckFelize asked 'It makes you wonder just how much of this crap is actually going on that never makes the papers?
    Unfortunately quite a bit. Then the burglars who target the old, bag heads and alckies who target the old. The Govt. who don't appreciate what they've done for the country.
  7. I wonder what pearls the Chief Constable of Cheshire has to say about this?
  8. Charged with grevious bodily harm?
    Surely to god the charge should have been Attempted murder?
    The charge is sick and the sentence even sicker.
  9. Back when I was growing up in Derry, we had our own way of dealing with such human waste.
  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    This waste of skin was convicted of manslaughter for kicking a man to death. How is that manslaughter? Maybe a lawyer could enlighten me, but I thought manslaughter was the when death is the result of criminal activity that would not normally result in death and where there was no intent to kill or that killer was not so reckless as it might be expected that the victim might die.

    For example if you push someone over in a scuffle and he lands on his head and dies then its manslaughter. On the other hand you can't shoot someone and claim that you did not mean to kill him.

    By which token if you repeatedly kick someone in then head you cannot say you did not mean to kill him.

    These vermin should be going inside for the rest of their lives, and lets have prisons that are cheap to the taxpayer and unpleasant for the con. A bit more Gitmo and a bit less Hilton.
  11. I'm sure that you are right. It is bound to happen eventually
  12. Either they kill the Taliban or Terry kills them. That's what I call a win-win situation! :twisted:
  13. You still do; there was a picture in one of the papers this week of a scroat being forced to walk down one of the Loyalist parts of Belfast, his faced marked up by a good kicking and wearing a sign around his neck: I Am a Thief And a Burglar!

    Local UFF/UVF men with large dogs followed the scroat to make sure he did'nt try to ditch the sign.

    Now THAT'S what I call JUSTICE! :twisted:
  14. Heartening news, mate. To be home again!
  15. You are a cock aren't you.