Another VC for Afghanistan Fighting?


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An Astonishing story of bravery and self- sacrifice emerged yesterday after a soldier was killed in Afghanistan trying to rescue a mortally-wounded comrade during an eight-hour battle.
Sergeant Brelsford, who was single and came from Nottingham, realised that some soldiers from his platoon had been seriously injured and were cut off when the unit retreated, covered by heavy fire from British armoured vehicles.

His company commander Major Jamie Nowell said: "He repeatedly fought through tenacious enemy fire to extract casualties.

Full story Here

A posthumous VC?


War Hero
It certainly sounds like it from this report. What an exceptionally brave young man.

He showed excellent leadership and made the ultimate self-sacrifice trying to save some of his men.

Valour indeed!

RIP mucker.
What an excellent write up from is OC. He has taken the strongest traditions of his old regiment, 1WFR, to his new battalion in the Mercian Regiment. He surely deserves a medal.
A selfless and courageous soldier. If his valour doesn't deserve a VC I don't know what does.


What an absolute Selfless and Courageous thing to do....

VC All The Way!

RIP Sergeant Brelsford and Private Botha heartfelt condolences to Family, Friends and Colleagues...
He wont get one though.... the government does not want the public to know about the intensity of the fighting out there.
02FD32 said:
Sadly i think TAFF_CAV is right

even tho he is a QDG..

RIP Sgt Beresford...
Silly Billy.... thats EXACTLY the reason why i AM right! :D
Truely deserving of a gong, he rescued 3 injured colleagues, fighting all the way, and tried to get a 4th when he was killed, true hero, because of his selfless act, under fire, 3 members of his regiment are alive and doing well.

RIP - a true soldier of the old school, for one so young.


He looks so damn warry in that picture. A real fighting soldier!
I was a little disturbed by the tosh in the "Dont Miss" section adjacent on the website of the headlines about arssehole shitehouse'e badly bruised finger! Typical scum journo's it's these ********* that ensure the cult of the "Celeb" is perpetuated!

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