Another US shooting

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by duckieone, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Deadly shootout near New York's Empire State Building

    BBC reporting 7 shot outside Empire State building. With there appearing stories of mass/multiple shootings now appearing every week, can any of the US based arrsers explain if this will change the election at all? Will Obama push for greater gun control?


    PS; please can this not descend into a pro vs anti gun argument. There are plenty of threads for that.
  2. I think New York City has the most severe gun laws in the US... this event seems to suggest that they don't help much.
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  3. Obama's version of gun control will only deprive law abiding Americans of their guns - it wont deprive the criminals and lunatics of theirs.
    Yeah, I'm a member of the NRA!
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  4. So why did you pose the question? Shoot - Obama can't be arrsed to keep illegal immigrants out of the USA, what makes you think any form of gun control will prevent criminals from obtaining guns?
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  5. Why is it yanks always say that I am jealous of them and wish I lived there when they have this sort of thing going on all the time and even need airport style security in their schools because students like to bring guns and knives to school?
  6. Next time one does, try asking him yourself.
  7. Nutters will kill if their voices/desire leads them to it, WITH OR WITHOUT GUNS, Just see this case in Jersey :- Six people killed in Jersey knife attack | UK news | The Guardian
  8. I do, I ask exactly that, and all they say is "you are just jealous" and I say "jealous of what".....they say "you are just jealous" I say "whatever".
  9. The brief reports I've just read describe a "shootout", one killed, several people injured. Not even sure if it's a postal event from that. Could just be an ODC praying and spraying with NYPD, that bit of 5th Avenue is usually crowded.

    The Onion had this Nation Celebrates Full Week Without Deadly Mass Shooting.
  10. Is it not right though that the huge majority of these mass shootings are by people who have acquired their weapons legally. owning a handgun fair enough, but wtf would anyone need to be owning automatic rifles etc etc.

    Criminals will always have weapons, they have them over here as well but tend to do their shooting against their own kind. It is a fact that we have next to no problem with crazies shooting up the place on the scale of the US and our gun laws must have something to do with it. Of course we get the shoorters but very rarely.
  11. Quite often, after one nutter goes on a killing spree, you´ll have other copycat killers for a while, also looking for their 15 minutes of "fame" on the news. Then it dies down again until the the next nutter starts shooting again.
    BTW, I´ve heard on another forum that the killer used a sawn-off shotgun, which is defintely an illegal weapon.
  12. Let me guess... its another Jarhead?
  13. Duckie - to answer your question, no I'm certain he won't push for greater gun control.

    It would cause him a political shitstorm with no possible improvement to his electability.

    The numbers will simply rule that out, why piss so many people off?

    The Yanks are overhelmingly in love with gun ownwership and there are plenty of people who want him as Pres but won't vote for him if he cracks down on gun control.

    The why's and wherefores of it are irrelevant, he would be mad to upset the gun lovers.
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  14. New York City has some of the most draconian firearms legislation in the USA, didn't stop this did it.
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  15. Reporting two dead now.

    From WaPo Live: Empire State Building shooting