Another US Heli shot down in Iraq

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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 February 2007, 13:57 GMT

US helicopter crash near Baghdad

The US military has lost dozens of helicopters over Iraq
A United States military helicopter has gone down near Baghdad, in the fifth such incident in Iraq so far this year, US military officials have said.
It is not known how many people were on board the CH-46 Chinook aircraft.

The incident comes three days after US officials said ground fire apparently caused the four previous helicopter losses, with the loss of 20 lives.

A US spokesman said on Sunday that tactics were being adjusted and mission procedures modified as a result.

7 Feb: CH-46 Chinook helicopter goes down north-west of Baghdad
2 Feb: Apache helicopter goes down near US air base at Taji, two lives lost
28 Jan: Apache downed while supporting Iraqi troops near Najaf, two lives lost
23 Jan: OH-6A helicopter used by private US security firm Blackwater crashes in Baghdad after coming under "heavy gunfire"; four civilians killed
20 Jan: Black Hawk goes down near Baghdad, with loss of 12 lives.

In the latest incident, witnesses said they saw the Sea Knight helicopter go down amid gunfire from the ground, about 30km (18 miles) north-west of Baghdad, the Associated Press news agency reported.

"The helicopter was flying and passed over us, then we heard the firing of a missile," Mohammad al-Janabi, a farmer, was quoted by AP as saying.

"The helicopter then turned into a ball of fire. It flew in a circle twice, then it went down."

US military spokesman Maj Gen William Caldwell said a "quick reaction force" was on site and an investigation was under way.

Last month, 12 US soldiers died when a Black Hawk military helicopter crashed north-east of Baghdad, the deadliest such incident this year.

The US has lost more than 50 military helicopters in Iraq since May 2003.
RIP to those who may of been onboard :(
Unlikely to receive too much sympathy from the Brit side in view of recent events.
dingerr said:
Unlikely to receive too much sympathy from the Brit side in view of recent events.
IMHO, your comment here is uncalled for! This was a troop carrier type Chopper carrying US Marines, doing there duty and serving their country.

I fail to see what it has to do with blue on blue incidents that happened in the past. These Marines and crew had nothing to do with the other incidents.

Show a little respect for the dead!
dingerr said:
Unlikely to receive too much sympathy from the Brit side in view of recent events.
You prize TWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! Were you ever a soldier, don't bother! :pissedoff:
dingerr said:
Unlikely to receive too much sympathy from the Brit side in view of recent events.
A comment that was made in rather poor taste. Despite current news, their soldiers continue to shed blood in the same part of the world as ours.

Suggest an apology is in order.
RIP Marines
Before you continue to gob off and abuse i suggest you re-read my original post.

It did not say "oh good these guys are dead"

Or "great they deserved it"

I certainly don't feel this way. It is merely that i have no direct connection to these deceased personnel. I am not going to get upset because they have died nor am i happy that they died - I am in effect none emotional as i feel that many other people will be the same.

Certain actions and events evoke certain emotions and i have merely pointed this out.

My original post is vindicated by the fact that there have been approx 450 views to this thread yet this is only the 16 post.

I and many others, i'm sure, view all the threads concerning the loss of life in conflict, however it can be noted that the loss of British life tends to receive more votes of sympathy than the loss of other foreign forces this due to the fact that ARRSE is mainly the domain of the British.

If the US personnel had been killed rescuing a Brit for instance i am sure that a larger degree of sympathy would have been received by the British contingent.

I also find it abhorent that certain users enjoy posting condolences solely to see their post count rise. Poor v.poor.

As far as an apology goes NO. my originally post stands, reinforced by the reasons mentioned in this one.

It's a shame some of you did not think before you responded to a post - brain disconnects as you type?

I agree with Roo_Heads post! STFU!

Your second post, doesn't make your first post look any better to me! That one was bad enough, now this? WTF is wrong with you? You just don't get it do you? :frustrated:

Nor do I think, that board members here who are serving or former soldiers post their condolances on these types of threads to increase their posts, I think thy mean just what they say. :pissedoff:
dingerr said:
Unlikely to receive too much sympathy from the Brit side in view of recent events.
Arssh*le! Just f*ck off troll
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