Another Urban Myth?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muzzleflash, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. Short story. Angry bloke returns to camp from pub well pished, snatches a weapon from ther gate sentry and starts firing at others. Another bloke, also returning to camp observes the incident, sneeks up and disarms the gunman - get's decorated for gallantry - TRUE?
  2. Probably not. Might relate to incident a few years ago at Mansergh Barracks, Gutersloh.....
  3. Seem to remember two Green Jackets on stag a few years ago, one was doing the others missus, so the spurned hubbie shot the guy, then tops himself in the toilets......
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    If it came down to heroism while pished I would have a rack bigger than Monty's :oops:
  5. 100% true - Some bloke down the pub told me :lol:
  6. PMSL

    Would that be a VC IN bar?
  7. Dont know about the Bravery award but I was on duty at PRB det centre the next morning, the poor bloke had no idea why he was banged up when he finally woke up.

    Basically he went on the lash at a Cpls mess do, on the way out of camp to go down town he demanded a weapon off one of his nigs at the gate, cocked it, pointed it at the other bloke on stag who dropped his and both of them legged it to the BDS Bunk, walked in the Guardroom and put a few holes in the furniture, including a nice hole in the Provost Sgts door, stoppage, then jumped on and filled in by the guys in the guardroom.

    He seemed a really switched on and nice bloke, and couldnt believe, or remember what he had done the next morning. It wasnt till the SIB tipped up that he realised that it was'nt an extravegant practical joke. I dont know the outcome of the Court Marshall but I do know that plod were looking at attempted murder on the charge sheet.

    So I would say an urban myth with a bit of truth in it.
  8. Good stuff fellas, anymore for the myth or truth?
  9. I remember this incident I used it to explain marksmanships principles whilst on my SAA course, The phrase "If he had used the Marksmanship principles the F***er may have hit somebody" went down like a lead balloon. SASC instructors have no sense of humour :(
  10. True for sure.
    I got the VD and scar for it.
  11. I know someone who was gated and threatened the guard with a spoon when they wouldn't let him out.

    He's a WO1 now.
  12. There was the case at Bassingbourn when a nig turned off the point and threatened the RSM, who apparently had been bullying him. RSM walks up all Dixon of Dock Green and says "Put the gun down, you don't want to shoot me do you and besides you couldn't hit a barn..." BANG!

    RSM goes down.

    Rest of point detail pounce.

    Lad is CA'd and they approach the presumably dead RSM.

    Nope, he has fainted, was missed even at point blank. Shat himself though...
  13. True. Bombardier in 26 Regt RA. He was awarded the QGM.
  14. Five Alpha, when was this and do you have a link? might have a walter in my sights.
  15. Definitely happened at 26 Regt RA early 90s and yes it was Mansergh Barracks.