Another U-Turn Possibly?

This is a matter rather dear to my heart. I live quite close to Heathrow, a mile to the north of it in fact and I was involved in the campaign to oppose the 3rd runway.

I'm not particularly surprised that the tories are saying they got it wrong. I did think they would do a u-turn at some stage and here it is.

Heathrow simply is in the wrong place and adding a 3rd runway will be a huge expansion outside of it's existing boundaries. It won't end there either. There was already talk by some people of a 4th runway in the future and god knows where they will want to put that.

Getting back to the 3rd runway though. If it goes ahead, it will lead to probably the largest episode of ethnic cleansing of an area in Europe since the second world war. Hardly something to be proud of!

There has to be an answer to make sure that economically, Britain recovers from it's current problems and has the capacity to start thriving but people need to start thinking outside the box in terms of airport capacity otherwise the price will be too high for the millions of us who live near the airport.
The Government are stuck between are a rock and a hard place on this,

fiscally, it is cheaper and will give better value for money to the taxpayer to Focus on Heathrow, on the other hand Gatwick 'is' getting investment and a 'Heathwick link' is being proposed, However Standstead & Southend Airports the latter in particular have to resort to private Finance aka the 'Stobart Group'

Strategicaly, Investment & Infrastucture would always go in Heathrow's favour compared to the other three, I believe that conditions may be placed in order that Heathrow gets a 3rd runway which is final, therefore the alternative options as mentioned have & will be equally as focused, whether this happens in the economic climate were all currently in is another debate altogether.

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