Another U.S. Army veteran is severely beaten by the police in Oakland

U.S. Army veteran Kayvan Sabeghi in intensive care after being hit with police nightsticks during Occupy Oakland clash | Mail Online

A former Army Ranger and Occupy Oakland protester was in intensive care today after a veterans group said he was beaten by police in brutal clashes with demonstrators.
Brian Kelly, who co-owns a brew pub with Sabeghi, said his business partner served as an Army Ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He said Sabeghi told him he was arrested and beaten by a group of policemen as he was leaving the protest to go home.

'He told me he was in the hospital with a lacerated spleen and that the cops had jumped him,' Kelly said.

'He told me he was in the hospital with a lacerated spleen and that the cops had jumped him,' Kelly said.

'They put him in jail, and he told them he was injured, and they denied him medical treatment for about 18 hours.'
The veterans group said in a statement that police struck Sabeghi with nightsticks on his hands, shoulders, ribs and back, and that in addition to a lacerated spleen he suffered from internal bleeding.
Do you think that something similar is possible in the UK?

PS. In Russia it is quite possible.


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Our policemen are the best in the world and I'm sure would have waited till a full day after the riot to give him a right kicking for resisting arrest.

Owns a brewpub, strange name, sounds like a wrong un to me Sarge.


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I've just sent the bint out - for veal to make veal stew with mashed taters. I will then go and partake of some fruit juices of the pear and plum type in downtown capajebo.

It's dark and miserable stew sounds a good idea. I've walked the dog, think I'll go back to bed for a bit.
Ah, the thought that such exciting possibilities hadn't crossed my mind.....but I am sure that Tropper will be making a claim soon enough and then the excitement will begin!
Who do you think started the ruck in Oakland anyway?
It has happened - GMP copper kicked the crap out of a squaddie. Only thing was the copper was a Special Constable (part-time volunteer, for anyone abroad) and an ex squaddie himself!
But saying that, I don't know if it would happen as much. Mainly because in my unit we were taught to avoid trouble, if you're going to fight - Leg it before the police arrive!
I personally don't think most coppers would kick the crap out of someone for no reason, (though sone will I'm sure) and certainly not a squaddie or ex squaddie. Not so much for respect fo the forces, more because of the bad publicity it creates. But saying that, there's a lot of ex squads as coppers and I've known a couple to be bastards because of what unit they were, compared to the bloke they're arresting.
On Business Insider No Occupy Moscow? Russia Plans Double Digit Spending Increases by Adam Taylor
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has announced double digit social spending increases for Russia, apparently in a bid to avoid protests similar to the Occupy Wall Street protests in the country.

Putin announced the move in a meeting with 20 global CEOs. Reuters reports Putin's explanation:

"Hundreds of thousands of people -- not just a bunch of outcasts but hundreds of thousands -- are coming out onto the streets to demand what their governments are unable to fulfill."
Praise be to the glorious leader, this obviously is not oppressed Oakland now pass the aftershave tovarich, I'm parched.

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