Another Two Nails In Boy Daves Coffin??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. Do you wish to see a weak party of opposition?
  2. too late, we've had one for years!
  3. Didn't know there was one, that's why Blair took p*ss for years.
  4. Lower taxes, are the Tories possibly saying they want the forces to have even less money? Talk about treating you all as cannon fodder, because someone's budget will have to pay for these so called tax cuts. Maybe if your lucky they'll just get rid of body armour and medical services.
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I doubt it... and it's somewhat ironic that this post comes from a supporter of a party which has been dead for 85 years without realising it and is actually currently led by something resembling a rotting corpse.
  6. Must admit I find it disturbing when I agree with Sven but until Dave is nailed down in his coffin Brown has no conncern where the Tory party is conncernd.
  7. You should be more considerate. Ming was a victim of elder abuse in yesterday's Times (Click here for granny bashing)

    In an article titled Ming, you’re useless. You’ve got to go, the Times reveals that Ming is the driving force in British politics. This is because the gap between Labour and Tories is determined by the identity of the party to which the Lib Dems are losing votes.

    Over to you Sven. We await your response when you eventually wake up. No doubt it will feature the word 'bollox'.
  9. The sooner davey boy is gone the better. There is no way the Conservatives will win an election with him in charge, and let's face it who would want that tit running the country anyway??

    They need to sort themselves out, because if we don't get Liabour out soon it'll be too late to fix the mess they've made.
  10. I dunno. If the original fluffy bunny stuff was just a tactic to keep the BBC off his back before the real policies then it might make sense.

    Also if he really is the "heir to Blair" then he'll be smart and conviction-less enough to realise the way the wind is blowing and move to the right on "some" issues while not mentioning tax cuts and privatisation.

    They need to get their finger out though. New Labour will be building all those new houses in the marginal constituencies that Thatcher won, and after they're built they'll be filled up with newly amnestied asylum seekers and illegals. As recent immigrant's number one priority is getting their relatives into the country they'll all vote labour and there'll be 15-20(more?) new safe labour seats in England.

    If they get away with it and the population of the UK is set to reach 67 million by 2025 (or 2050 i forget) then they'll keep repeating that process over a wider and wider area. Leaving their already safe seats in the north till last.

    So davey boy doesn't have forever.
  11. no no no
    clear blue water is bollock's people have moved on from the 1980s
    unfortunately the torys haven't
    daves trying to do a kinnock (he defeated militant and lets be nice to russia mob)

    just had to look at the looks he got from the crowd when he mentioned civil partnerships for gays they clapped but hated him

    the tory party is old and getting older

    the battle is going to be thought on the centre ground things are ticking along
    ok at the mo so jo public isn't going to go for a bonkers flat rate tax or nationlise everything either

    nulabour anre running out of steam but the torys arn't really in the game yet
  12. As a fairly dyed in the wool Tory supporter, I am afraid that Cameron is the worst thing to have happened to the party since John Major. The Tories should be many miles ahead in the polls after the cr@p we've had to put up with for the last few years but he is another sway in the wind politician with no concrete policies. He seems to change his mind every other week. Ancram was a bit of a ditherer himself as a shadow minister who thought he could eventually become leader of the party (no one else did) and seems a bit miffed to be passed over.
    There are, however, plenty of opportunities to cut taxes without affecting services. The £200 million pounds a day it costs to run the NHS for example. Nearly half of this goes on administration costs which, from my experience of PCTs, could be at least halved. There is also the £12 billion (That's 12,000,000,000) wasted on a national computer system for the NHS which will never work. The glut of ethnic co-ordinators and childrens outreach workers (to name just 2) would save a fortune in advertising fees in the Grudian alone if they were binned.
    IMHO, it's a shame Kinnock was such a plonker when he was up against Major. Anyone else would have walked the election and the Tories wouldn't have lost all cred under Major and may possibly have stopped the rise of the Sicherheitdienstsocialistics under Bliar. With the total loss of credibility and respect by all politicians, there must be someone who can lead this country out of the mess it is now in. Unfortunately, I don't thinks it's Camer idiot and his current wasters. (come on, without looking it up, name five shadow cabinet members - no cheating)
  13. Just what does it say of the 'third' party's ambition of government if they spend all their time knocking HM's official opposition hoping to get into another place of non-power. :D
  14. exbleep wrote:

    That's almost certainly true *but* I think a lot of ex-labour voters aren't going to like any reminders of the "party of middle england only" years. I don't see how they have any chance of even surviving, let alone winning an election, unless they go back to "one nation conservatism" stuff. Talking too much about tax cuts, privatisation etc is not going to help at the mo.