Another two Ministers caught in a sting

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by beemer007, Mar 28, 2010.

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  1. Almost got to the stage of beyond caring as it seems to be the way things are. :(
  2. Seems to be a regular occurence now that it would be pointless even doing a first parade on the bus.
  3. Yet more pigs to the trough money grabing twats. I wounder how may of them will be going for the maximum benefits the day after they get the boot. The golden handshake they get binned will im sure vanish overseas and they will be claiming the max as they are tecnicaly skint and unemployed.
  4. 'Whiter than white; an end to sleaze - vote New Labour'.
  5. I still think that we are reaping the rewards of paying the people we expect to run our nation peanuts.

    Low calibre to££ers, most of them, but here you have a former minister grubbing around simply trying to make the same money as a GP.

    It is our own fault. In a democracy you get the leaders you deserve.
  6. Peanuts?
    My local MP helps himself to more than £280,000 a year of our money.
    Hardly peanuts.
  7. Well, the people who were running the banks were showered with gold like so many degenerate Roman Emperors, and they still managed to foul things up on a global scale.

    So that screws that theory.
  8. Are you implying that a GP earns £238K a year? I thought GP's were on £120k depending on practice :(
  9. It's worth remembering that Thatcher brought in the expenses to try and level the playing field between MP's and Professionals. Labour then raped the system for all they could get.
  10. I wonder why these 2 pieces of scum weren't included in the broadcast last Monday, and why these and that Moran woman were not relieved of their party whip.

    It wouldn't be that Hoon, Hewitt and Byers have been particularly opposed to Brown as party leader would it? It seems that some sleaze is acceptable in New Labour, while those who rock the boat are thrown out on their ear, within 6 hours of the Deputy Leader of New Labour claiming that these people had done no wrong.

    I first heard about this sting taking place and being ready for showing a couple of months ago, but conveniently it was kept "on the shelf" until a week where the news was guaranteed to change midweek, due to the budget.
  11. MPs are paid very well for what can only be a part-time occupation. I believe the poor quality of MPs is a direct result of paying them too much rather than too little. It has created a class of professional politicians who have had little or no experience of the commercial world.

    Good example: David Milliband - 41 year old multi millionaire and never had a real job.
  12. I have got to Sleeze over load. and Ill vote for anyone as long as the are not in a Political party
  13. On the other hand, the executive of Singapore are amongst the most highly paid people there. The entire public sector there is seen as a prestigious career for the most talented and the pay, pensions and perks reflect that.

    MPs salaries haven't kept pace with a comparable level in the private sector in terms of the level of responsibility they're supposed to exercise. It's hardly surprising that, coupled with a party system that acts in the best interest of the party and not the nation, we now have MPs that aren't worth what they are paid.
  14. Oh right, so we don't want the best MP's we can find then, just cheap ones.

    That'll do it.