Another two Blackhawks down

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Nov 15, 2003.

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  1. Condolences to the lost

    From all the reports I'm reading, it looks like UH-60 *1* got whacked by an RPG in the tail area, Pilot said "WTF" and yanked on the collective, forgetting about UH-60 *2*

    But shouldn't *2* have been in trail, as opposed to right overhead *1* ?

    Can the Helo experts comment? As I say, this is the story doing the rounds in the press right now.
  2. As above, condolences to the families.

    But is anyone else surprised by the numbers of helicopters being brought down by RPGs?
  3. How high-up do these things fly? I'd have thought it'd be a b*stard trying to hit one of them...and maybe if they are finding it so easy they should fly a little higher and a little faster?

    ..oh i don't know, i'm just no fan of coalition losses.

  4. Would assume they're being hit on takeoff/landing when at their most vulnerable, but our Iraqi 'friends' would have to be within 500m for an RPG-7, or closer for an RPG-22.
    Easy to theorise when not actually there on the ground though.
  5. Why does an RPG-7 go further than an RPG-22 which is presumably the more advanced version?

  6. Not really my field, but two different beasts. The RPG7 is the traditional shoulder fired, reloadable weapon, the 22 is a disposable weapon, a bit like the LAW system. Also believe the RPG 7 projectile self-destructs after about 800m, whih probably makes it quite effective as an anti-aircraft weapon.
  7. Not confirmed but I don't believe our fellow American aviators have changed tactics too much since Somalia. I.e. flying well within the threat band, medium height hover even in a high threat scenario, worse still, when supporting troops in an urban environment. A shotgun would take even an Apache out in this situation. Don’t quote me, just basing this on TV footage of the current situation on what I've seen.

    I don’t have the full facts on this sad incident so I would not wish to comment specifically.

    An RPG of any sort is not an ideal weapon to take out an air asset but a cab in the wrong place is a sitting target. Low cost/high damage, beats Stinger type munitions hands down.

    Our main protection is in how we operate, fast moving and unpredictable. No amount of armour or Defensive aids suits will defeat the ballistic unguided weapon taking out the main or tail rotor. Although using any kind of basic anti tank weapon to take out a heli is based on an awful lot of luck.

    Any loss is a sad day. Regards to the families.

    We have seen too many heli losses in the recent past.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    There seems to be too many of these things going 'pop' for it to be based on luck. I think that the Septics must be flying some sort of routine flight paths (down the main drag, left at the palm trees) and then all you need to do is sit in the palm trees and wait for the next one to come along....

  9. My thoughts exactly.

    Let's face it though, a Black Hawk isn't an urban support vehicle, and these aren't ignorant 'fuzzy wuzzy's' they're up against, however the media might try and portray these Iraqi's as militia or whatever. I don't believe luck plays that big a part in it if they just follow a basic principle, the baddies that is; find the weakness and exploit it. It's what we would do.
  10. Sad....
    Being a thicko civilian I wonder why?
    If bush wanted to know what weapons of mass destruction so badly why didn't he
    1. Just look at the receipt?
    2. Go look for himself?
    Too many already....