Another triumph for UK policing

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FORMER_FYRDMAN, Nov 29, 2012.

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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

  2. Were these 'squatters", escapees from Mapperly Madhouse?
    You have to weep for a country that has got to the point where five can assault a man's home and the man is the one that is arrested.
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  3. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I have no comment to make about the wisdom of the Police and CPS, this shit seems to happen and despite explanations from resident plod et al common sense appears to be absent in quite a few of these cases, a sign of the times in our 21st century UK I suspect.

    However, it is nice to see that amongst our dusty judges some have brains that encompass the real world into the murky abstract world of the law.

    Pity the judge is only a Recorder, I would like to see more of his type in red on the High Court bench.
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  4. Moral of the story, stab the little sh*ts and bury them under the patio. No one would ever know...
  5. The cock should never have plead guilty.

    The fact he did suggests there's more to this than the Torygraph chooses to publish.

    Defending yourself in public after instant arming yourself isn't an offence, hence no offensive weapon charge. He was charged with a public order offence- so he probably went further than just defending himself.

    I still don't think he should've been charged though, however, that is a statutory decision for the CPS, the police are evidence gatherers and don't decide charges in cases such as this.

    Outrage bus back in the shed for a second- it's unlikely that any force would ONLY arrest the householder if the circumstances were exactly as described.

    Lets not forget the telegraph is a Tory paper, supporting the party that I current in massive dispute with the police over their underhand tactics of changing the law to ruin police pensions and bring in compulsory officer redundancy plus pay cuts.

    I trust the media about as much as I'd trust Jimmy Saville in a nursery
  6. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I don't blame the Police, it is clear that they have guidelines that they have to keep to, don't blame the plod blame the policy makers ie mid to senior ranking plod who are out of touch with the real world.

    Most rank and file plod on ARRSE say the same thing, guidelines and politically correct, spineless senior ranks.
    Not their fault, job to be done and the lower ranks get on with it, just the same as HMF.
    Things like this give them a bad press but what the **** are they supposed to do?

    The CPS on the other hand do seem to make some strange decisions, perverse some might say.

    You might be right about the media angle and I am well beyond any type of outrage because I am now at that age where nothing surprises me that much.

    However I am making a presumption that this case did actually happen and the judge actually said what he said.

    I am pleased that we do have judges like Mr Recorder Michael Stokes, QC though.
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  7. Totally agree mate and I believe the judge here made a very wise decision.

    But the problem here is over accountability- the coppers on the ground aren't able to say anymore "I'm not nicking him as its clearly bollocks" as if they did and any complaint was made and upheld by IPCC, the force would sack them in a heartbeat.

    In these days of never ending enquiries and hindsight, it's not what's right that matters, it's what looks right in the eyes of those in power
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  8. The CPS involved is Judith Walker, she previously was involved in NOT proceeding against a couple who brassed up intruders with their shotgun claiming people had a right to defend their homes. As mentioned could indicate there is more to this than reported.
  9. From reading the article it would appear that he was inside a locked house and the gang were outside. He has picked up a knife and gone outside into the street and then shouted threats of violence towards them. Im not making any excuses for the gang but from the point of view of the police on the day he hasnt acted in a reasonable manner and I would imagine that there is more to this than meets the eye.
  10. Surely the basis for your hypothesis should be what the Judge said and not your conspiracy theory about Telegraph motives ?
  11. It is a well used tactic of ASBO types to provoke situations in which the police end up arresting their victims. A Crewe copper told me that one family of noise nuisance, drug pushers, burglars and neighbourhood harassers had called police (over an 18 year period) far more often than their victims.

    The police argument on this thread seems to be that if he armed himself for self defence that would be why he was only charged with a public order offence.

    So you concede that he was in a self defence situation then ?

    Which leads me to think the Judge has something of a point.
  12. We can't allow the public to stand up to violent yobboes - it makes the police look bad by comparison. And we can't expect the police to deal with mere 'anti-social behaviour' which is an issue for society. When people have been driven to despair, they will get violent and break the law, then the authorities can intervene.

    If the yobs beat the shit out of you they might do something. Or you could have a nervous breakdown and top yourself. Or better still, just move somewhere else; we don't want your sort round here.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    I can understand how waving a knife around in public is a bad idea - my gripe is more to do with the lack of action against the other group - yet again the suspicion arises that the police took the easy collar route and the CPS added insult to injury.
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  14. If the householder overstepped the mark then fine, arrest him but at least arrest the yobs as well. All the police are doing is giving the clear message to these yobs that they are untouchable.
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  15. It would be a black day for the toerags of Britain if the police were ever to go on strike - there would be nobody to protect them from their victims any more. Many of them would probably have no choice but to shut up shop and become decent human beings for a while.
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