Another triumph for Chilwell

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Jun 13, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Who, it would appear, have mobilised a bloke for FINGAL and despite him trying to tell them for two weeks he was planning on going to Afghanistan, have sent him on TELIC!

    To those that have done well: Well done
    To those that haven't done well: Well done anyway
    To the Ops Offr: Thanks for coming

  2. MSR,

    was it you? Do you think they know you're a mod? :lol:
  3. msr

    msr LE

    No, it wasn't me, although they never bothered to contact the unit I was coming to, so no-one knew I was in theatre until I banged on the door of the SO3 TA Manning and Res.

    I was not othe only one potentially facing a six month tour in Bedouin Camp either...


    P.S. I am still not getting paid, as Chilwell seem unable to provide anything other than a completely blank UNICOM record for me and my RAO here (quite rightly) doesn't want to take me on strength without a complete UNICOM record.
  4. I still cannot believe Chilwell are making simple mistakes like these - the most important thing about mobilisation is getting paid!

    We had a fellow on Telic 1 who went 2 months without pay - thankfully the PASO back at our unit managed to sort something out until Chilwell sorted out ANOTHER cock up!!

    Hope they sort things out for you msr!
  5. Cheer up!

    My pay's been wrong on three tours. On the second time it was a bit tedious, but three times beggars belief.

    Anybody beat three times?
  6. I'll bet you won't go on another happy Chilwell excursion again - 3 times?
    Are you sure there isn't someone out there who is taking the piss?
  7. Happened to me as well. I was supposed to go to Kosovo in 2000 and they sent me to Bosnia instead. At least they were close though!
  8. Funny you should mention that - I too wanted to go to Kosovo in 2000 but I ended up going to Bosnia as the QM's driver in Banja Luka - and when I got to Banja Luka I was out of a job! The position was binned so I ended up doing 6 months in the MT pool - great laugh tho! :D
  9. Mmm.
    We had two unwilling conscripts sent to us who kept protesting they were going to a different unit, but of course 'Auntie Army knows best'. We sent them to where they were going to though.
    Chilwell also assured us they could fast-track passport applications, so about 6 people sent their passports down to Chilwell (on the premise that it's either do that or wait in a queue at the passport office all day, and still have to wait a week for a fast-tracked renewal). Perhaps unsurprisingly, each went into the G1 cell and had the 'here you go, there's your passport, you'll have to get it renewed yourself' routine. That lost us 6 blokes for the first two weeks in theatre.
    At Grantham I had a call from one of the PSAOs back in Bn to ask what Cpl 'X' was doing there. Well... why indeed. The guy had apparently checked in to the pay office on his own volition, given a sob story and been sent home to be demobbed. Just like that. You'd have thought they would have at least told his unit (ie us).
    The list goes on.
    In all fairness, I suppose the great sausage machine works, but there are enough 'anomolies' to give rise to a lot of 'that's nothing! when we went through we........' stories in the bar.
  10. the exact thing happene to me, although am working my little hot butt off, no unicom records yet and quite a few of us are like that. the first time they knew i was here was when i walked into the office to say hi.
  11. Hope were not going down the selective op route are we chaps?
  12. The pay fcukups are absolutely unforgiveable, I've been in the same situation, believe you me! Being in an op situation is sometimes bad enough without the added burden of financial worries!