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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Detective Chief Inspector Mick Atkinson, the senior investigating officer, said: “We worked closely with the Crown Prosecution Service to bring this case before the court as it was believed it was one a jury should decide upon.”

    He added: “We would urge anyone who feels under threat in a situation like this one to contact police at the earliest opportunity and not take the law into their own hands.”

    Yeah, right...


    Excellent news - every thug, burglar and criminal should beware now that this precedent has been set. Let's get the balance right in society - anyone who forces entry into your home should expect a potentially lethal outcome. If it's not your home, keep out!

    Steve, Warwick, UK
  2. even the prosecutor thought he should get off. how much of our money did that waste?
  3. If he thought that then why did he give the decision to charge the bloke?

    It's not the OB's call any more, the CPS decide on all but the most minor offences. It's also they who advise the OB on what evidence to gather, hence the "hard work". Though a good result none the less.
  4. Good drills on behalf of the victim though.

    Bodybuild all you like, you'll still go down like a sack of shit :D
  5. Excellent result.

    It always find it strange when people say you should not be able to use lethal force against burglars because as TV or whatever is not worth a human life. This is the wrong way round. It should be a warning to the burglars to tell them that they should not risk their life for a TV.

    Once someone tries to enter someones home then any amount of force should be allowed. Remember the burglar chooses to put himself in the house so he should have no sympathy and no right to claim against the owner no matter how badly injured or indeed dead.
  6. You are a very angry man aren't you

    Lots of people you want to kill, and see killed.
  7. Good result! I am sure that I am not the only one who thought that in that situation I would have to shoot. I like many live out in the sticks. I have a healthy collection of legally owned firearms well secured. Should someone overpower me they would have as long as they liked to attack the cabinet and get the goods inside. The result would be a lot of firearms in the very wrong hands with the potential of innocents being killed. Much safer to shoot or otherwise render incapable the person who has/ is attempting to illegally access my domicile.
  8. Not angry at all. I just like the idea of criminals getting their just rewards. Remember the people who enter other people's homes to commit burglary are there by their own free will, so it would not be as if the owner forced them to break in just so they could be killed.

    Can you give a good reason why any home owner should not be allowed to use maximum force to protect his family and home from people who have broken in?
  9. I happen to agree regarding the treatment on burglars, I'm merely stating that you are an angry man and in your eyes alot of people need to be put to death.

    A little odd for a copper I thought
  10. Well I am not a copper and even if I was, I would still be allowed to have my own views on such matters.
  11. Now he does deserve a meddle
  12. I'm very surprised he got off with it, though I do agree with home owners being allowed to go nuclear on thieving pikeys, chavs and druggies. I would have no compunction whatsoever in letting rip with the ordnance on anyone going through my smalls draw. In your own time... go on!
  13. ME! I can. Pissed bloke forces key into door of wrong house, thinks wife has locked him out, breaks in.......... shot dead!

    OK I too believe we should kill scum who deliberately break into your home, just saying there could be a mistake! :D
  14. No mistake in DCI Tigermonkeys eyes, kill now ask later.
  15. True, living for a while on a Barrats estate I had trouble in finding my place sober..