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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by clownbasher, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. "This is the TA..."

    Is it?

    Passing off in No2 dress? Parachuting? White water rafting? Bags of excitement? Really?

    Well, in my 13 years+ I can't say I've seen much of the above... parachuting perhaps but only on much the same basis as you could organise it yourself.

    I appreciate the marketing types like to make it all exciting but I don't know why they bother... perhaps the hope is to get them in, trained and mobilised before they can say "But where's my uniform, like on the adverts... and when are we going rafting?" :scratch:
  2. Besides from the No2 dress pass out scene, I've seen happen or done the rest. It may not be as sudden and straight on as the advert, but it's there and available to the masses.
  3. depends how good your PSI or PSAO is.
  4. We have no.2 dress issued..... ok not at passing out :)
  5. Or doing a boot run with a gortex jacket on.......................not recommended!
  6. Its a fetish thing.

  7. Fact is stagging on for 6 months in Irag or Afghan, driving round half the country on an exercise - cos we all know how to drive, eating cold compo whilst stuck on a bare arrsed hill in the rain, dragging yourself out of bed on monday morning with every bone in your body aching, having the wife/girlfriend say "are off AGAIN this weekend - what about me!" listenening to ARABS telling you how good they are - then messing up the next exercise - all this and more

    None of the above would make a particulary good advert - its called artistic licence or in other words B******s

    Still after all that I think its really a dig at those already in - listen to the references on getting fit
  8. Reg or TA we were all duped by this method, thing is we never learn and pass the intel back to potential recruits, we just laugh and joke about the 6ft cardboard cut outs of people windsurfing, parachutin, skiing and all that. Its cruel and has to stop, best bit was you never found out hardly til you got to your unit ( by which point you had already done the, 9 years yeah I can do that bit lol) only to find adv trg was usually Orienteering or something else really exciting not. How many have been on Mon morning muster "Who wants to do their motorbike course?" Fantastic RM Guard 2i/c tonight ! Lol yeah we laughed too ! Ba5tards lol :biggrin:
  9. Many moons ago when I did my entrance exam at the ACIO I had to sit through a bunch of vids on each Corps so that we could make our decision. They all pretty much made the same BS statements, tearing around the countryside, crawling in the dirt, parachuting, covert blah blah blah. All with the exception of the R Sigs one which depicted the role of the Combat Signaller (sorry if that's the wrong name for the basic sigs wallah) to involve a lot of stagging on at the gate and working on vehicles in the garage.

    "Balls" I thought "bugger doing that for a job, I want something more warry" Oh how naive I was
  10. Ah the old ones are the best, we I joined the TA one of the first parades we had the PSI asked if anyone wanted to do X Country mid week, went around the group and no takers, every ones excuse was "Too busy", the the PSI quick as a flash asked if anyone wanted a days pay doing an ammo run to London, same day, same time. You guessed it a forest of hands and instantly dicked X Country team.

    I stood there smirking amazed that it still works
  11. maybe the next advert should show a spotty faced private opening up his pay slip on a drill night - then crying in his beer coz the PSAO butt-fukced him on MTDs again!
  12. Have you never heard of the Royal Corps of Signals??

    Its the greatest Infantry Unit in the Army full of people who used to be SAS, 26 blah, commando or any other SF outfit - the only thing they change is the cap badge and then wonder why the poor new recruit cant keep up.

    had a OC on tour who volunteered us for everything from convoy escorts to patroling the streets and dragging supects out of their beds at 3am! Then wondered why he had no troops on PT
  13. Truth about advertising:

    1. Daz will not remove every stain known to man

    2. Bacardi will not make you pull like Vinnie Jones...

    3. ...or that cat.

    4. That Sofa will not transform your sex life, no matter what Martin Kemp says.

    No TA advert to date has been an objectively fair analysis of TA service, but that's not what they're there for. They're only to get bods through the door so our recruiting staff can 'sell' the truth of the TA and the unit to them - if they are dishonest, however, we will fail to maintain credibility and lose the potential recruit in short order.

    Right, on that note I'm off to prepare for this weekend's cross country windsurfing exercise.
  14. I think if you join the TA in spite of these adverts, then you may have some potential. :bom:
  15. if anything all these recruiting adverts are confusing. The other day in the gym at Grantham i saw two t-shirts, one said the best, whilst the other said the best. Now i'm totally confused, who am i to believe is the best ?