another tom for the chopping block

a riot toms use baton rounds a kid may have got killed que any poor sod using a baton round up on war crime charges:(
be probably better off at the hauge at least you'd have a change of a fair trial rather than the goverment setting off with the intention of having you found guilty :( .
on the bright side another chance for phil the human rights ambulance chaser to tour basra surely one of the militas could lift him :twisted:
Pity that it was a kid. However it raises the legitimate question that a child should not be on the streets during a riot. Soon the average soldier will have to face rioters unarmed for H & S reasons :?

Best call Social Services....that's SS to you and me and have them grill the parents of the kid. Failing that let the Scum decide. 8O

Difference between a baton round and a magicians wand? .... Ones used for cunning stunts....

Another travesty of an investigation on its way!
do they eat fish and chips in basra?
as in was abdul was just off to get a fish supper when the british shot him for no reason :cry:
on the plus side thats one bloke they can't man and control for at least the next 5 years :x
way things are going he'll probably complete 12 before the investigations through don't like kids being killed irish or arab. but a maob attacking soldiers with rocks what exactly are they going to do use harsh language :?
He said: "The Maysan battle group put a cordon around an improvised explosive device in Maysan.

"The purpose of this cordon was to protect civilians while the suspicious device was dealt with.

"A crowd of about 100 people gathered, some of whom began stoning the troops.

"In order to protect themselves and to maintain the cordon, seven baton rounds were fired."

The spokesman also said the British troops on the ground reported that two teenage boys had been hit.

He said: "We are aware of reports that a 13-year-old has been killed.

"We do not have any information to shed light on this matter and we are still investigating."

Sounds pretty cut and dried to me, a rioter was hit with a baton round and "unfortunately" died. Any other army would have used live rounds. The fact there even needs to be an investigation in this case is a mockery of the ROE.
I don't like the way the Beeb are reporting this.

Their first line on the web-story is as follows:
Claims that British troops killed a 13-year-old Iraqi boy after firing at an angry crowd...
which immediately suggests that they opened fire with live rounds. Only later in the article do they put it into context by saying
...hurled stones at the troops, who reportedly responded with baton rounds.
This is bad journalism. I know that many people only read the first few paragraphs of the article, thus leaving them with an incomplete or unbalanced understanding. The beeb should pride themselves on a higher standard.
I used to look at the articles on the BBC news website only (i recieve notifications of breaking news etc to my e-mail inbox) now I have a tendency to also go off and look at other online news articles as the BBC has become very lax in the way it reports articles.

My English is very bad both in grammatics and spelling and I have often been almost flammed on here by some people becaue of the way I have written a comment by the more intelligent and well read people who inhabit this site, usually because the way I have written an article has not come out the way I have expresed those thoughts in my mind. If the BBC are using the same standards of English I use then it would be easy for the less educated to read a title or first few lines of an article and make their minds up that the article says something completly different to what is actually being reported.

I think I would rather wait another 30 mins to 2 hours for a news article to 'break' on the BBC and be as accurate and the article as well written as possible, but in the day and age where the race to get a story out is more important than accuracy I feel this will never happen.

A 13 year old boy is big enough and ugly enough to go to a riot. Around the world the majority of 13 year olds are considered adult enough to work, undergo manhood initiation et cetera. A thirteen year old boy can throw rocks, carry an AKS and throw coffee-jar bombs. So, the 13 year old tag is a great sound-bit - "They're murdering children!!"

If you have been in a riot, either in Iraq or NI, then you know who throw rocks with the most accuracy AND who form the ginger group to wind up the is kids.
BiGbAddAbOOM - dont make any apologies for your spelling pal, we all know your real name is Brian
sparky8 said:
BiGbAddAbOOM - dont make any apologies for your spelling pal, we all know your real name is Brian
He's a very naughty boy and he' aint coming out to play now bugger off!!!

Life of Brian - the true gospels from the bible :)

Latest is that no 13 yr old has been killed - it would seem this story was based on rumour, conjecture and speculation......quite unlike our diligent journalist friends!!
MOD are quoted on BBC website as saying there is no "substanial evidence" for the claim of dead Iraqi child. But in order to refute all these rumours British troops has to comb all the local hospitals FFS. Good to see our forces are being appropriately used for tasks such as "Operation Deny Spurious Unfounded Rumours" and "Operation Keep the Press/Politicians/Attorney General* off our Backs"

* = Delete as appropriate
Spanner said:
Latest is that no 13 yr old has been killed - it would seem this story was based on rumour, conjecture and speculation......quite unlike our diligent journalist friends!!
No one killed? Lets hope not. (Are they not zeroing their L104's in the sandpit then?) :lol:

Lets just hope no journocunt finds a random 13 year old corpse and decides to make him the 'Batton round victim'

BBC journocunts - Fucking useless *******, I'd complain if I had paid my licence fee!

Has the water for the water bombs been sterilised? You don't want to be sued for infecting them with some water born nasty ;)

"According to local media reports a 13-year-old boy was also hit and killed.

Crowd gathered

An MoD spokesman said the investigation into the alleged death was "top priority".

So they do not know if the boy was 'Hit Killed' just 'Local Media' gob.
a 'Top Priority' investigation, one hopes to clear the trooper faced by the MOB.
Watch, it'll get to the point when some poor squaddie arrives in Iraq with a cold..... sneezes then gets sent to the Hague for conducting Biological Warfare.

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