Another tiff

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by London_native, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. Good new guys i was speaking to my recruiter today and he said all Infantry Regiments are starting to do a big load up of recruits.
  2. You need to watch what you say in future mate, it was pretty stupid putting that comment in the NAAFI, everyone has been waiting a long time, I've been waiting since last September and not going until February.. just take it and wait mate :thumright:

  3. Ignoring the subject of L-N's comments, they initially weren't in the NAAFI, the MODs moved them there. Also the thread was done and dusted in May, someone has just decided to dust it off and start round two.
  4. I do apologise, I just picked up on it today but still, it was a bad comment first off.. I've said what I feel already so I wish to leave it at that, cheers Grey for bringing that to my attention

  5. What makes you think im talking shite? i just posted what i was told today you cnut.
  6. calm down ladies:D
  7. lol you don't belong in the army with an attitude like that mate, you came across racist and it was pointed out by everyone else, I was just giving you a word of advice and if you don't like it then don't post stupid things again..
  8. Well i will take on board what the ADSO said to me so jog along troll. Why do you think your advice is any good? you been spouting alot of crap on here and trust me the last thing people need is your advice chappy.
  9. Well chappy,

    Considering I spent 2 years in OTC (which is similar to TA) and have been through the Basic for TA, I've passed selection with an A grade and having been doing other courses with the recruiting team I feel I can offer some advice, I never exaggerate.. what advice can you offer chappy? I think you should jog on troll.. nice image your painting for yourself anyway :thumright:
  10. Actually Picasso painted my image. Good night darling i tire of this foreplay.
  11. lol what a way to keep this going.. cheers for whoever organised that one ;)