Another thug off the streets

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fairycakes, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. a true soldier of ireland!!rip john u will never be forgotten

    From Australia: We salute you John Brady RIP May your spirit fly free far from the suffering Britain inflicted on you in this life. Respect to & thoughts are with, John Brady's family.
  2. Thats nice...he's dead.
  3. Big rufty tufty IRA man can't hack spending a bit of time in the cells? Shame.
  4. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Wearing gore tex outside when its not raining is bad enough but wearing it inside the house... hats.
  5. Great party
  6. Sorry couldn't watch it all.

    Did you see those fcuking curtains?

    Fcuking horrendous!
  7. Glad to see all the ugly people still live in Strabane.
  8. I thought this was going to be about Stephen Gately.
  9. Weren't those the guys that appeared on that Australian talent show as the Jackson Five?
  10. All those white shirts, it looks like a waiters convention.
  11. how sad...although through the wonder of youtube i was able dig up (pardon the pun) the old favourite bobby sands cheeseburger song...its been removed several times, but it keeps popping up!!!

    cheeseburger bobby??
  12. never heard that before
    very droll :twisted:
  13. And now it's back on my Favourites list! :twisted:

    Nice one, Danny! :wink:
  14. As does Bobby Sands. Here's an early picture of him. Nice moobs. :wink:

  15. You could've warned us about the music, almost made me do a double Van Gogh