Another Thieving Bitch ......

The Crown Prosecution Service said it was still determining whether action will be taken in relation to the recovery of money fraudulently gained by Moran.
Hope there is a 'proceeds of crime' hearing.
Hope there is a 'proceeds of crime' hearing.
Damn well should be now she has escaped the clutches of Holloway Nick.
As I understand it, its a formality and will occur now she has been convicted.........

She should be required to pay back the £53 grand with a similar rate of penalty that HMRC would apply over the same time frame.
Ernest strikes again.
If shes never been convicted does this mean she can stand for public office again.
Watch her have a miraculous recovery and pop up with some quango.
Nice to see the pigs are equal.



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But according to CMD and Osborne "We're all in this together". So it must be all right for a thieving MP to walk away with £53k and no criminal record.


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Moran has no criminal conviction. Her avoidance of the court is solely that she wont like prison. I would not either. She has avoided justice, and therefore shits on all of us.

Moran is now undoubtedly going to live a pleasant life in Spain and England and doing all the things that innocent people do.


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She was a mp for luton south and as mad as a hatter at a mad hatters party, but not the madness that she is claiming now, she new exactly what she was doing.
She would champion the cause of anyone who would make her look good but wouldn't touch ex service men and women in case it made her other friends upset.
She should of been locked up in jail, instead she is laughing at. all of us.
Too sick to get a criminal conviction but not sick enough to stay in a hospital dealing with mental health issues.
I bet she is now claiming every benefit under the sun and has money hidden away as well as gifts from her special friends.
She makes me want to puke


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She should be made to work in a brothel to pay back what she has stolen.
It would probably have to be one for blind people or even better for members of parliment
So she's a criminal and mentally incapable of standing trial. Why can't they send her to Broadmoor? She may get the help she needs.
Yet more proof that the legal system in this country is seriously flawed and that the Labour place-man who is Director of Public Prosecutions, is doing his job and looking after the Labour filth. Why has Mrs. Uddin not even been charged? This woman stole £125,349. Makes the moronic Moran look snow white. Uddin's 'main-home' was declared to be in Maidstone but her husband denied when asked that the family had a property in Kent. It was reported that this foul thief's 'main-home' had no electricity or gas, or phone, or water, or furniture - she denied it was unfurnished. When the story of this thieving broke, neighbours reported vans arriving and furniture being taken into the house!

Why has Mrs. Uddin, who masquerades as a 'Baroness' - my arse is more suited - not been charged and imprisoned. If a soldier 'borrows' ten pounds from a sub-unit fund he is court-martialled and sacked. :frustrated:

PS: If you need details about Uddin's dishonesty, Google: Uddin and read the entry entitled: 'Expenses scandal'.

PPS: If you have high blood pressure or a weak heart or are subject to furies of anger, please don't read the entire entry - this woman Uddin is vile!
Yet more proof we have a shameless 2 or 3 tier legal system. I can only imagine the sentence I would get if I committed a 60k fraud, and despite having a 'major depressive disorder' not once have I felt the urge to take something that isn't mine. I have also returned a wallet I found on a train to its owner (full) and would do it again (uunless it contained a Chelsea fc membership).

Atrocious justice system. In incidentally I have to go to court next month for ccrashing my car into a ditch, not going fast on a dirt road the back end slipped and rolled the car. No one injured and no damage to anything bbut my car
and i will get a fine and points on my licence...wonder if I can blame depression?

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