Another taking the plunge thread...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Cpt_Subtext, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. Well ive gone and done it, finally got my application for dropped off this afternoon and am booked in for my Barb test on Tuesday the 15th and like wise im really excited about it. Im not at my best fitness wise but now ive got a possible light at the end of the tunnel I can really knuckle down and focus on getting my slightly flabby 24 year old rear end into shape.

    The idea of spending another year or more in another crummy office job scares me more than drowning
  2. Good luck mate, I got my barb on fri and i'm raring to go! Hope you get a good score.
  3. Good luck lads. Don't panic for your BARB, it's easy. Just go in with a clear mind, plenty of rest leading up to it, and go over your practice booklet!

    Have fun ;)
  4. Thanks guys, I wouldnt say that I was worried I sat one about 2 years ago but had things going on at home so put it off for a while..... but good advice about resting up, etc.... last time they had no booklets left for me to practice on and my test was at 9am like this one, only this time I dont work on the doors and wont be getting home at 7am and pretty much going straight there.... hahaha cant remember my score but it was painfully low!
  5. Alrite chaps, just came across this site and though i'd give it ago.

    I've got my BARB exam on Thursday, im looking at being a geographical terrain analysist, bit of a mouthful lol.

    But yea good luck with the exam guys.
  6. Well.....

    As ive said in another thread (somewhere)

    ive done my application form, my barb test, and waiting on my doctors to receive my records (recently moved house) and then obviously interviews and potential selection etc

    As for fitness, im getting slowly better with the 1.5m run time, got it down to bang on 10mins, push ups are not fab, but improving, jerry can carrying and other tasks i will be fine with

    Ice breaker i will be fine with

    Thing is, im not as fit as i could possibly be, but im not far off, im getting there, but even when i have been superfit in the past, ive never coped well with situps, at all, ever

    Do you think this could be a major problem, bearing in mind the other areas they test are pretty much bang on, and id run my damned hardest and make myself sick trying so hard?
  7. Oi! Give me my plunger back! And your right, that is a light at the end of the tunnel, the exit is on fire! :)

    Good luck buddy.
  8. As far as I know, most of it (bar your 1.5 mile) is on a best effort kinda deal... just give it your all, push out every bit of effort and strength that you have, go tomato faced if it helps... and I'm sure they'll commend you for trying your absolute hardest! It's better than some lazy sod who flakes out after 10 pressups and can't be arrsed with any more!
  9. Thats a point actually I cant do pull ups, not one.... but at 6ft8 and currently weighing 120kgs dead on I think I might be in trouble there I can Lift between 70 and 80 kgs so I wouldnt say I was weak........ any tips other than weight loss or if I try and break my arms with sheer effort would that be enough?
  10. Get running every other day. Just keep practising shifting your body weight with pull ups, press ups, sit ups and tricep dips. If you prepare before you go to selection you'll improve. Two weeks ago I could barely do 10 press ups at a time now I'm knocking out 35 a time just through keep practising every night. Same with pull ups: I practice on the crossbar of goal posts, I couldn't do 1 but now I can do 5 or 6.
  11. I never used to practice pressups and I only ever did about 2 sets of 5 every week at rugby, so it didn't really make much difference. Now I've started training properly I went up from just about being able to do 5, to 7 and then to 10... but as I've been mixing a lot of training with fairly late nights (around midnight) as a result of loads of school work, I've been feeling more an more tired and being able to only JUST about stick out 10. So I reckon if I sort out the late nights I should progress better..
  12. Id keep at it until my entrails were coming up out of my mouth!

    I'll find as well that my time will improve on what im currently doing for the 1.5mile run, simply because there will be others around me, sort of something to compete against!